The Archer is the most affordable long-range all-rounder for every situation.


The archer moves along the path and attacks all enemy units or structures with the exception of traps. Traps are ignored and damage the archer when it runs over them.

General AssessmentEdit

Archers are the second type of troops you obtain and the first ranged unit. As such they will quickly fill the second unit slot on attacks. They serve the role as a defensive ranged unit to snipe enemy units approaching from the next lane. They tend to be quickly outclassed by other units and replaced as early as with Paladins. Later in the game, archers become relevant again due to their added blunt damage after acquiring elite status.


Early in the game archers can be useful to attack opponents from an adjacent lane or behind a blockade, causing damage that cannot be easily retaliated. However, they are easily killed by other ranged units and most spells can kill an archer quickly. Because of their relatively low damage and range, experienced players can usually bait archers in nearby lanes or behind barricades into a position where they can be attacked and overrun quickly before the archers can do significant damage (i.e. use Call to move troops away from the archer to force them to advance to a position where they can be attacked).


Archers especially at max level are an excellent attacking unit & despite all towers having a 50% resistance to piercing, fall within seconds when confronted by a group of 5-6 maxed out archers. Even the castle gate falls within seconds to an onslaught by 7-8 max level arches, and even quicker if the hero uses his scream effect to up the archer's damage rate near the castle gate.

Below we have two pictures showcasing the outstanding offensive ability of level 10 archers (without any boosts activated) taking down a level 11 castle gate within seconds without any help from the hero whatsoever.

Wp ss 20141225 0016-1-

At a morale cost of 2 they are extremely quick to call and one can have a big group of them at any point of time. They are also highly effective against units. Units with a weakness to piercing like Ogres & Pyromancers last no more than 2 seconds when confronted by a group of maxed out archers. Others without a major weakness to piercing like mummies, werewolves also die very quicly. Often a group of archers is able to kill the werewolf even before it gets to bring out its battlecry ability. The only short coming of the archer is its lower range compared to other ranged units, which means the enemy ranged unit will be able to attack the archer a little before the archer gets to attack it. This can be seen in a 1v1 battle between an arblaster and an archer, when the arblaster is able to start firing at the archer before the archer is able to attack the arblaster. Also the archer is quickly affected by AoE type damage dealt by mortars & pyromancers. However, all of these shortcoming are rather easy to overcome by having a huge mass of archers at once which is pretty easy to do & by the hero using his heal spell once in a while to restore any lost health and remove status effects of poison & fire.

Archers vs. Arblasters Edit

Since both are ranged units, doing piercing damage, archers and arblasters are very much alike and basically serve the same role. Both unit types have their advantages.

Range: The arblaster's range is probably the main reason for choosing it over an archer. It allows the arblaster to attack earlier and makes it a more formidable fighter in lane to lane combat. With archers there can be situations where enemy units attack but cannot be attacked themselves (e. g. a pyromancer with range 4.0). Arblasters have no such problem, except with cannons.

Damage: Damage-wise there is not much of a difference between both: While the arblaster's rapid attack might look more impressive, it deals a comparable amount of damage per second. In fact, at the time the arblaster becomes available, it has exactly as much firepower as an archer that has all available upgrades up to that point. At highest level, the arblaster's damage is a bit higher than the archer's (780 vs 746).

Note: After Elite boost level 4 for the power archer is activated, the archer does 900* piercing damage which is 120* more than a maxed out arblaster. Also, the archer gains additional blunt dps.

Survivability: The arblaster has an advantage in terms of hit points, but is very susceptible to poison, whereas the archer has no such weaknesses but a resistance to piercing. It depends on the situation which unit has a higher survivability.

Note: After Elite boost level 4 for the power archer is activated the archer has more hit points than a maxed out arblaster (2,432 vs 1,980).

Morale: At half the morale cost, archers are much cheaper to summon. During an attack this means that there can be two archers for every arblaster. For defensive waves this is only true until the eight slots are all filled.

Conclusion: One arblaster is usually far better than one archer, which is why it should be preferred for defensive waves if morale allows it. Otherwise, both units have their advantages for offense and defense. The arblaster's main advantage is its high range, the archer's is its low morale cost. However 2 archers are always better than 1 arblaster. So it is recommended to use archers for as long as the hero doesnt have the high leadership required to bring out a huge number of arblasters. If we are talking about who would win in a battle between archers & arblasters, then 1v1 an arblaster would win but that can be considered an unfair match up because in a 1v1 the arblaster gets to keep all of its advantages (like its superior range) over the archer & the archer loses its morale advantage over the arblaster (for every arblaster you can have double the amount of archers). So a fair match up would be 2 archers (4 pts) vs 1 arblaster (4 pts) in which case the archer would be the clear winner or a 1v1 match in which the arblaster has given up its range advantage to even up the archer giving up its morale advantage, in which case also the archer comes out the clear winner mainly due to it having a resistance to piercing & the arblaster having no such resistance and due to the fact that an arblaster is very weak to poison while an archer isn't.However a maxed out arblaster would fall very easily to a maxed out elite archer.

Here is a test video showing differents situations (1vs1, 1vs2) in order to see how perform max Archer vs max Arblaster :



Level Health Damage Academy Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Health 250 PiercingDamage 120 2 Unlock with Troop Academy lvl 2
2 Health 300 PiercingDamage 144 2 Gold 2K Time 17m 30s
3 Health 360 PiercingDamage 173 3 Gold 12.5K Time 52m 30s
4 Health 430 PiercingDamage 208 4 Gold 50K Time 3h 30m
5 Health 520 PiercingDamage 250 5 Gold 100K Time 7h
6 Health 620 PiercingDamage 300 6 Gold 350K Time 14h
7 Health 740 PiercingDamage 360 7 Gold 1M Time 1d 4h
8 Health 890 PiercingDamage 432 8 Gold 2M Time 2d 15h
9 Health 1,070 PiercingDamage 518 9 Gold 3M Time 3d 12h
10 Health 1,280 PiercingDamage 622 10 Gold 4M Time 4d 9h
11 Health 1,540 PiercingDamage 746 10 Gold 5.5M Time 5d 6h
12 Health 1,760 PiercingDamage 882 11 Gold 8M Time 6d
13 Health 2,010 PiercingDamage 1,043 11 Gold 10M Time 6d 12h
14 Health 2,510 PiercingDamage 1,220 12 Gold 12M Time 
15 Health 2,860 PiercingDamage 1,366 13 Gold 15M Time 7d

Level Health Damage Academy Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time XP
1 Health 250 PiercingDamage 100 2 Unlock with Troop Academy lvl 2 IconXP 10
2 Health 300 PiercingDamage 120 2 Gold 2K Time 17m 30s IconXP 13
3 Health 360 PiercingDamage 144 3 Gold 12.5K Time 52m 30s IconXP 16
4 Health 430 PiercingDamage 173 4 Gold 50K Time 3h 30m IconXP 20
5 Health 520 PiercingDamage 208 5 Gold 100K Time 7h IconXP 25
6 Health 620 PiercingDamage 250 6 Gold 350K Time 14h IconXP 31
7 Health 740 PiercingDamage 300 7 Gold 1M Time 1d 4h IconXP 39
8 Health 890 PiercingDamage 360 8 Gold 2M Time 2d 15h IconXP 49
9 Health 1,070 PiercingDamage 432 9 Gold 3M Time 3d 12h IconXP 61
10 Health 1,280 PiercingDamage 518 10 Gold 4M Time 4d 9h IconXP 76
11 Health 1,540 PiercingDamage 622 10 Gold 5.5M Time 5d 6h IconXP 95
12 Health 1,760 PiercingDamage 734 11 Gold 8M Time 6d IconXP 119
13 Health 2,010 PiercingDamage 866 11 Gold 10M Time 6d 12h IconXP 149
14 Health 2,800 PiercingDamage 1,039 12 Gold 12M Time  IconXP 186
15 Health  PiercingDamage  13 Gold 15M Time 7d IconXP

Forgings LevelsEdit

Forgings Levels Pearls Cost Cooldown Success Chance Max Fails
+1 Pearl 25 Time 6h ButtonConfirm 66.6% ButtonCancel 0
+2 Pearl 50 Time 12h ButtonConfirm 55.5% ButtonCancel 0
+3 Pearl 75 Time 18h ButtonConfirm 44.4% ButtonCancel 1
+4 Pearl 100 Time 1d ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+5 Pearl 100 Time 1d 12h ButtonConfirm 33.0% ButtonCancel 1
+6 Pearl 100 Time 2d 6h ButtonConfirm 33.0% ButtonCancel 1
+ Pearl 100 Time 4d 12h ButtonConfirm 33.0% ButtonCancel 1
IconBoostForge Forgings Health Health Bonus PiercingDamage Damage Bonus Range Range
+1 +62 +20 3,54
+2 +124 +40 3,59
+3 +186 +60 3,63
+4 +248 +80 3,68
+5 +310 +100 3,72
+6 +372 +120 3,77
+7 +434 +140 3,81
+8 +496 +160 3,86
+9 +558 +180 3,90
+10 +620 +200 3,95
+11 +682 +220 4,00
+12 +744 +240 4,05
+13 +806 +260 4,09
+14 +868 +280 4,13
+15 +930 +300 4,18
+16 +991 +320 4,23
+17 +1,046 +338 4,26
+18 +1,094 +353 4,28
+19 +1,134 +366 4,30
+20 +1,166 +376 4,31
+21 +1,192 +384 4,32
+22 +1,213 +391 4,32
+23 +1,230 +397 4,33
+24 +1,245 +401 4,33
+25 +1,257 +405 4,33
+26 +1,267 +409 4,33
+27 +1,276 +412 4,34
+28 +1,284 +414 4,34
+29 +1,291 +416 4,34
+30 +1,296 +418 4,34
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
MAX Health +1,386 PiercingDamage +447 Range 4,36

Elite Boost (Power Archer) Edit

Power Archer Levels Edit

Level Alliance Level Blunt Damage Boost Health Boost
1 6 BluntDamage 50% Health 80%
2 9 BluntDamage 55% Health 90%
3 14 BluntDamage 60% Health 100%
4 25 BluntDamage 65% Health 110%
5 38 BluntDamage 70% Health 120%
6 48 BluntDamage 80% Health 125%
7 53 BluntDamage 90% Health 130%
8 66 BluntDamage 100% Health 135%
9 73 BluntDamage 110% Health 140%

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