Archimedes is a wise and loyal creature, using the power of its mind to stun enemies.

Archimedes LevelsEdit

Level Damage Stun Duration Pal Treats Required Upgrade Time
1 Depends on Hero Level StunNeutral 4.0s PalTreat 0 Time Instant
2 StunNeutral 4.5s PalTreat 200 Time Instant
3 StunNeutral 5.0s PalTreat 1,000 Time Instant
4 StunNeutral 5.5s PalTreat 2,500 Time Instant
5 StunNeutral 6.0s PalTreat 5,000 Time Instant
6 StunNeutral 6.5s PalTreat 10,000 Time Instant
7 StunNeutral 7.0s PalTreat 25,000 Time Instant
8 StunNeutral 7.5s PalTreat 50,000 Time Instant
9 StunNeutral 8.0s PalTreat 100,000 Time Instant
10 StunNeutral 8.5s PalTreat 250,000 Time Instant
Total PalTreat 443,700 Time Instant

Beast (Twisted Archimedes)Edit

Twisted Archimedes LevelsEdit

Level Damage Special Damage Stun Duration Pals Required
1 Depends on Hero Level StunNeutral 1.0s IconPal 50
2 StunNeutral 1.1s IconPal 100
3 StunNeutral 1.2s IconPal 150
4 StunNeutral 1.3s IconPal 200
5 StunNeutral 1.4s IconPal 250
6 StunNeutral 1.6s IconPal 300
7 StunNeutral 1.8s IconPal 350
8 StunNeutral 2.0s IconPal 400
9 StunNeutral 2.2s IconPal 450
10 StunNeutral 2.5s IconPal 500
Total IconPal 2,750

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