Archimedes is a wise and loyal creature, using the power of its mind to stun enemies.

Archimedes LevelsEdit

Level Damage Stun Power Pal Treats Required Upgrade Time
1 Depends on Hero Level StunNeutral 4.0s PalTreat 0 Time Instant
2 StunNeutral 4.5s PalTreat 200 Time Instant
3 StunNeutral 5.0s PalTreat 1,000 Time Instant
4 StunNeutral 5.5s PalTreat 2,500 Time Instant
5 StunNeutral 6.0s PalTreat 5,000 Time Instant
6 StunNeutral 6.5s PalTreat 10,000 Time Instant
7 StunNeutral 7.0s PalTreat 25,000 Time Instant
8 StunNeutral 7.5s PalTreat 50,000 Time Instant
9 StunNeutral 8.0s PalTreat 100,000 Time Instant
10 StunNeutral 8.5s PalTreat 250,000 Time Instant
Total PalTreat 443,700 Time Instant

Beast (Twisted Archimedes)Edit

Twisted Archimedes LevelsEdit

Level Stun Power Pals Required
1 StunNeutral 1.0s IconPal 50
2 StunNeutral 1.1s IconPal 100
3 StunNeutral 1.2s IconPal 150
4 StunNeutral IconPal 200
5 StunNeutral IconPal 250
6 StunNeutral IconPal 300
7 StunNeutral 1.8s IconPal 350
8 StunNeutral IconPal 400
9 StunNeutral IconPal 450
10 StunNeutral IconPal 500
Total IconPal 2,750

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