The Bladestorm is the longest lasting spell and is best used against encampments of defensive buildings.

General Assessment Edit

Much like Firestorm catches enemies on fire, this spell catches enemies on blades. Any enemy unit, trap, or tower that enters the spell's radius will take damage continuously for the remainder of the spell's duration, even if the hero moves away.

Strengths Edit

Barriers: Both barricades and blockades fall quickly when caught in a Bladestorm.

Troops: All units are vunerable to Bladestorm. Most of them die rather quickly, whereas a paladin takes damage much more slowly and might even survive (depending on levels and duration in the storm).

Gargoyles: With an active Bladestorm surrounding the hero, Gargoyles can be killed before they get a chance to strike, effectively neutralizing them altogether. This way, it can be used to protect both the hero and friendly troops, even for a head-on attack on a Gargoyle Tower.

Lightning Towers: Even when maxed out and boosted, Lightning Towers are vulnerable to Bladestorm – if the hero can get close enough.

Touch & Go: When a unit or structure is caught in a Bladestorm, the effect stays with it for the remainder of the spell's duration. This allows the player to move away and further distribute the effect.

Duration: With five seconds, Bladestorm lasts very long, often allowing the hero to break down several barriers and use it on many enemy units.

Cooldown: Even though a twelve second cooldown isn't exactly short, considering the duration of five seconds leaves only seven seconds until the spell is ready again.

Easy to upgrade: Considering how late the spell becomes available, it's rather cheap and quick to upgrade. Especially level 2 is easy to reach right away.

Weaknesses Edit

Towers: Bladestorm is much less effective against towers – but still helps.

Range: The limited range makes it necessary to get close to units and structures for a moment. Even though the spell works well against all ranged units, it's still necessary to deliver the spell, which can mean taking a lot of damage while getting close.

Usage Edit

When available, the highly effective Bladestorm quickly becomes a standard spell for most players. It's the main weapon against barriers and troops.

Since barriers fall quickly to the spell, it's possible to take out several with one cast. To do this, the hero should move on to the next, once a barrier falls. Speedboots can help when barriers are spread out farther.

To get the most out of the spell it's helpful to move close to lane borders, to catch barriers in neighbouring lanes as well. On occasion, this can also be done to troops in a neighbouring lane. To do this, luring ranged units closer to the lane border can be helpful.

Although Bladestorm is weaker against towers, it's still considerably better than nothing. It can be especially helpful with damaged firebolt towers. It also allows the hero to move away from a tower a moment early, leaving the storm to finish it off.

Bladestorm is also helpful at the castle gate. Aside from dealing damage to the gate itself, it quickly deals with emerging troops, often killing mortars before they can distract attacking cannons.

Contradictory Damage Calculation Edit

The effects of Bladestorm are contradictory to how damage in Royal Revolt 2 usually works. As hinted in the description, barricades and blockades are weak against Bladestorm(12X) – a single cast has the potential to take out several at once, even at spell level 1. In fact, the spell will destroy a blockade much faster than it will a paladin(1X), which has less health and should be weak against the normal damage. This would suggest that Bladestorm actually deals blunt damage. Then, however, towers(1.25X) would also fall quickly against the spell, which they don't.

One explanation would be that Bladestorm deals blunt damage in some cases and normal damage in others. Also from the first Royal Revolt game, "This spell is best used against targets made of metal", please see 4 minutes 10 seconds into this [video[1]].

Levels Edit

Level Requirement Damage Range Cooldown Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Wizard's Tower lvl 9 NormalDamage 999 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Unlock with Wizard's Tower lvl 9
2 Wizard's Tower lvl 9 NormalDamage 1,199 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 750K Time 8h 24m
3 Wizard's Tower lvl 9 NormalDamage 1,439 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 1.25M Time 16h 48m
4 Wizard's Tower lvl 9 NormalDamage 1,727 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 2.25M Time 1d 9h 36m
5 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 NormalDamage 2,073 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 3M Time 2d 2h 24m
6 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 NormalDamage 2,487 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 3.75M Time 3d 3h 36m
7 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 NormalDamage 2,984 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 5M Time 4d 4h 48m
8 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 NormalDamage 3,581 Range 2.45 Countdown 12.0s Gold 6M Time 5d 6h
9 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 NormalDamage 4,296 Range 2.45 Countdown 11.5s Gold 7M Time 6d
10 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 NormalDamage 5,157 Range 3.00 Countdown 11.0s Gold 8M Time 6d 6h
11 Wizard's Tower lvl 11 NormalDamage 6,317 Range 3.00 Countdown 11.0s Gold 9M Time 6d 12h
12 Wizard's Tower lvl 11 NormalDamage 7,739 Range 3.50 Countdown 11.0s Gold 11M Time 6d 18h
13 Wizard's Tower lvl 12 NormalDamage 8,513 Range 4.00 Countdown 11.0s Gold 14M Time 7d

Forgings LevelsEdit

Forgings Levels Pearls Cost Cooldown Success Chance Max Fails
+1 Pearl 88 Time 9h 18m ButtonConfirm 66.6% ButtonCancel 0
+2 Pearl 175 Time 18h 36m ButtonConfirm 55.5% ButtonCancel 0
+3 Pearl 263 Time 1d 3h 54m ButtonConfirm 44.4% ButtonCancel 1
+4 Pearl 350 Time 1d 13h 12m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+5 Pearl 350 Time 2d 7h 48m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+6 Pearl 350 Time 3d 11h 42m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+ Pearl 350 Time 6d 23h 24m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
IconBoostForge Forgings Countdown Cooldown Range Range BluntDamage Blunt Damage
+1 10.89 4.15 +84
+2 10.78 4.30 +168
+3 10.67 4.44 +252
+4 10.56 4.59 +336
+5 10.45 4.74 +420
+6 10.34 4.89 +504
+7 10.23 5.04 +588
+8 10.12 5.18 +672
+9 10.01 5.33 +756
+10 9.90 5.48 +840
+11 9.79 5.63 +924
+12 9.68 5.78 +1,008
+13 9.57 5.92 +1,092
+14 9.46 6.07 +1,176
+15 9.35 6.22 +1,260
+16 9.25 6.36 +1,342
+17 9.16 6.47 +1,418
+18 9.11 6.54 +1,483
+19 9.07 6.59 +1,536
+20 9.05 6.63 +1,580
+21 9.03 6.65 +1,615
+22 9.01 6.67 +1,644
+23 9,00 6.69 +1,668
+24 8.99 6.70 +1,688
+25 8.99 +1,704
+26 8.98 +1,718
+27 8.98 +1,730
+28 8.97 +1,741
+29 8.97 +1,750
+30 8.97 +1,758
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
MAX Countdown 8.92 Range BluntDamage +1,880