A healing aura for you and all of your troops. It also removes fire and poison.

Once the aura is summoned it stays at the same spot as long as the cooltime time is. It heals every passing unit within a range of 4.0 – also across lanes. So one tactic is to run ahead with the hero to a critical spot and place the aura close to a lane border to heal passing troops or keep them alive while they deal with towers, obstacles, and defending troops.

Levels Edit

Level Healing Cooldown Gem Cost Requirement
1 Healing 10,520 Countdown 50.00s Gem 2 Wizard's Tower lvl 2
2 Healing 12.624 Countdown 49.00s Gem 2 Hero Level 10
3 Healing 15.149 Countdown 48.00s Gem 3 Hero Level 20
4 Healing 18.179 Countdown 47.00s Gem 4 Hero Level 30
5 Healing 21.814 Countdown 46.00s Gem 5 Hero Level 40
6 Healing 26.177 Countdown 45.00s Gem 6 Hero Level 50
7 Healing 31,413 Countdown 44.00s Gem 7 Hero Level 60
8 Healing 37.695 Countdown 43.00s Gem 8 Hero Level 70
9 Healing 45.234 Countdown 42.00s Gem 9 Hero Level 80
10 Healing 54.281 Countdown 41.00s Gem 10 Hero Level 90
11 Healing 65,137 Countdown 40.00s Gem 10 Hero Level 100
12 Healing 84,678 Countdown 40.00s Gem 11 Hero Level 105
13 Healing 101,613 Countdown 40.00s Gem 12 Hero Level

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