Your Castle Guard is the last line of defense. Here you recruit the soldiers who are going to defend your kindgom. Train your soldiers and create defensive waves to prepare for every gatecrasher.

The castle guard represents the defensive waves that move towards attackers. Upgrading the building itself allows for more powerful waves. Up to level 8, upgrades also reduce the time between waves so that more waves can be used. New waves are always added with a random combination of available units as first wave in front of the other ones.

Just like the troop academy, wizard's tower, and inventor's workshop, it is not possible to upgrade the castle guard and waves inside the castle guard at the same time.

Upgrades to the castle gate and defensive waves can be done quickly in the early stages of the game. With higher levels, however, upgrading becomes very time consuming and expensive. Since there are eight waves to upgrade, the castle guard ultimately becomes the bottleneck of defensive upgrades.


Level Requirement Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Waves Wave Time Max Morale
1 Throne Room level 1 Gold 2K Time 5m 1 Countdown 72s Morale 8
2 Gold 3K Time 10m 2 Countdown 54s Morale 10
3 Throne Room level 2 Gold 15K Time 1h 3 Countdown 40s Morale 13
4 Throne Room level 3 Gold 50K Time 6h 4 Countdown 32s Morale 16
5 Throne Room level 4 Gold 100K Time 12h 5 Countdown 26s Morale 19
6 Throne Room level 5 Gold 200K Time 1d 6 Countdown 22s Morale 22
7 Throne Room level 6 Gold 500K Time 2d 7 Countdown 20s Morale 24
8 Throne Room level 7 Gold 1M Time 3d 8 Countdown 18s Morale 26
9 Throne Room level 8 Gold 1.5M Time 4d 8 Countdown 18s Morale 28
10 Throne Room level 9 Gold 2.5M Time 5d 8 Countdown 18s Morale 42
11 Throne Room level 10 Gold 5M Time 6d 9 Countdown 16s Morale 44
12 Throne Room level 11 Gold 8M Time 6d 9 Countdown 15s Morale 45
13 Throne Room level 12 Gold 10M Time 7d 9 Countdown 15s Morale 46


Level Morale Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Morale 4 FREE FREE
2 Morale 6 Gold 1K Time 5m
3 Morale 8 Gold 5K Time 30m
4 Morale 10 Gold 25K Time 2h
5 Morale 13 Gold 100K Time 6h
6 Morale 16 Gold 250K Time 1d
7 Morale 19 Gold 1M Time 2d
8 Morale 22 Gold 2M Time 3d
9 Morale 24 Gold 3M Time 3d 12h
10 Morale 26 Gold 4M Time 4d
11 Morale 28 Gold 5M Time 4d 12h
12 Morale 30 Gold 5.5M Time 5d
13 Morale 32 Gold 6M Time 5d 12h
14 Morale 34 Gold 6.5M Time 6d
15 Morale 36 Gold 7M Time 6d 12h
16 Morale 38 Gold 7.5M Time 7d
17 Morale 40 Gold 8M Time 7d 12h
18 Morale 42 Gold 9M Time 8d
19 Morale 43 Gold 12M Time 8d 12h
20 Morale 44 Gold 13.5M Time 9d
21 Morale 45 Gold 14M Time 9d 12h
22 Morale 46 Gold 15M Time 10d
Total X1 Gold 119,381,000 Time 100d 20h 35m
Total X9 Gold 1,074,429,000 Time 2y 177d 1h 5m

Waves can hold up to eight units, but are limited by the available morale. In the beginning, waves can quickly be expanded to level 3, allowing for eight knights (or four archers, or another combination of units). After level 3, additional morale points should be used to add stronger units. It's not strictly necessary to use up all morale points in a wave.

Players can always change the composition of troops in a wave. They can also use the button next to the upgrade button to randomly change the units in the wave.

After an upgrade is collected by the player, the additional morale points are used to add random units to the wave or to replace existing ones.

Waves in ActionEdit

Defensive waves move from the castle gate towards the attacker's tent. With higher levels of the castle guard the intervals between waves decrease, allowing for more waves.

However, the number of waves in the castle guard isn't the actual number of waves that are sent towards attackers. Instead, after the final wave they simply start over with the first one. This makes the first waves more important as they can occur twice, depending on the time provided for an attack, which in turn depends on the length of the defensive path.

Waves also don't start from the castle gate at the beginning of an attack, but are already on their way when the attack starts. For example, for a maximum length path of 31 tiles there are already four waves on their way, with the fifth spawning almost right away. In the 2:44 minutes that an attacker is given for such a path, a total of thirteen waves are sent out, meaning that waves 1-5 occur twice.

Waves Time Upgrade Edit

Upgrading waves is the most longest thing to do, because of each wave requires more time, and even more when you can only upgrade once at time. This is why it should be useful if you have always gold ready to upgrade them, as soon as you finish another wave.