An alliance is made up of one or more players and allows them to pool their resources to gain access to special features. Alliances also come with the general ability to socialize and compete as a group against other alliances. The social aspect is, however, optional and often omitted.

To take part in an alliance, a player first needs to build an alliance tower, which, unlike all other towers, costs gems to build and upgrade.


Alliances everywhere

Alliances are everywhere

Public InformationEdit

Every alliance has a name and an emblem. While the emblem can be redesigned by the leader at any time, the name cannot be changed. All members of an alliance have both alliance name and emblem displayed right next to their names whenever they’re presented to the outside (in Leaderboards, the list of recent attackers, favorites, etc.).

Some information about an alliance can be seen on its info page which is accessible from the alliance leaderboard or from a player’s page. Publicly available information includes:

  • One or two flags to indicate language and country.
  • Rank on the Alliance Leaderboard
  • Combined trophies of all members
  • Gold Bonus
  • Alliance level
  • Number of members
  • Membership policy
  • Number of Fiefdoms

The members list can also be accessed from the alliance’s page.

Internal InformationEdit

Besides this public information, an alliance can also have an internal message that only members can see. This message can only be set by the leader. When the message changes, all members get a note in their mailbox.

Members can also see some more information in the members list. They see who is online (indicated by a green light next to a name) and how much gold everyone has donated so far. Donations made with real money are additionally announced by a message in every member's mailbox.

Elite BoostsEdit

Elite Boosts Alliance Level Elite Boosts Alliance Level
BlazingKnight Blazing Knight 3 StunningOgre Stunning Ogre 15
PoisonArrowTower Poison Arrow Tower 5 RangeBomber Range Bomber 19
PowerArcher Power Archer 6 StormCannon Storm Cannon 21
ToughBarricade Tough Barricade 10 RagingWolf Raging Wolf 28
HolyPaladin Holy Paladin 11 MadMonk Mad Monk 56
FrostTrap Frost Trap 13 TempestTower Tempest Tower 57
WitchDoctor Witch Doctor 67

Costs of Alliance's LevelsEdit

Level Members Upgrade Cost
1 3 Gold 50K to Create the Alliance
2 5 AllianceGold 10K
3 7 AllianceGold 30K
4 9 AllianceGold 40К
5 10 AllianceGold 110K
6 11 AllianceGold 150K
7 12 AllianceGold 190K
8 13 AllianceGold 420K
9 14 AllianceGold 520K
10 15 AllianceGold 630K
11 16 AllianceGold 750K
12 17 AllianceGold 880K
13 18 AllianceGold 2.34M
14 19 AllianceGold 2.70M
15 20 AllianceGold 3.09M
16 21 AllianceGold 3.50M
17 22 AllianceGold 3.94M
18 23 AllianceGold 4.40M
19 24 AllianceGold 6.90M
20 25 AllianceGold 7.65M
21 26 AllianceGold 8.44M
22 27 AllianceGold 9.26M
23 28 AllianceGold 10.13M
24 29 AllianceGold 14.00M
25 30 AllianceGold 15.23M
26 31 AllianceGold 16.50M
27 32 AllianceGold 17.83M
28 33 AllianceGold 19.20M
29 34 AllianceGold 20.63M
30 35 AllianceGold 31.88M
31 36 AllianceGold 34.13M
32 37 AllianceGold 36.45M
33 38 AllianceGold 38.85M
34 39 AllianceGold 41.33M
35 40 AllianceGold 43.88M
36 41 AllianceGold 46.50M
37 42 AllianceGold 79,44M
38 43 AllianceGold 84.00M
39 44 AllianceGold 88.69M
40 45 AllianceGold 93.50M
41 46 AllianceGold 98.44M
42 47 AllianceGold 103.50M
43 48 AllianceGold 108.69M
44 49 AllianceGold 114M
45 50 AllianceGold 120M
46 51 AllianceGold 125M
47 52 AllianceGold 131M
48 53 AllianceGold 137M
49 54 AllianceGold 142M
50 55 AllianceGold 149M
51 56 AllianceGold 155M
52 57 AllianceGold 189M
53 58 AllianceGold 229M
54 59 AllianceGold 273M
55 60 AllianceGold 319M
56 60 AllianceGold 368M
57 60 AllianceGold 383M
58 60 AllianceGold 390M
59 60 AllianceGold 405M
60 60 AllianceGold 413M
61 60 AllianceGold 429M
62 60 AllianceGold 445M
63 60 AllianceGold 462M
64 60 AllianceGold 479M
65 60 AllianceGold 496M
66 60 AllianceGold 540M
67 60 AllianceGold 600M
68 60 AllianceGold 663M
69 60 AllianceGold 729M
70 60 AllianceGold 800M

Advantages and MechanismsEdit

The first advantage of being in an alliance is the permanent gold bonus it provides for its members. A minimum of a 5% gold bonus is always provided, which makes any alliance better than no alliance.

The size of the gold bonus depends on the combined number of all member’s trophies. In order to increase this number, growing the alliance by recruiting new members is the most effective way.

The number of players an alliance can have is limited. The limit depends on the alliance’s level and is capped at 60.

In order to increase the alliance’s level, gold is needed. Gold is pooled in the alliance’s treasure. When there’s enough, the leader can spend it on an immediate upgrade.

With higher alliance levels, new elite boosts or additional levels for existing ones are unlocked. When bought, these boosts improve units or defensive structures for a limited time. Just like upgrades, elite boosts can be bought with the money from the alliance’s treasure.

The gold in the alliance’s treasure comes from its members. Every member can make a donation once every 24 hours. The donated amount depends on the level of their alliance tower. Regardless of the tower’s level, more sizable donations can be made by spending real money. Members can also buy elite boosts directly, which often requires a bigger donation that can only be made by spending real money.

Gold Bonus Trophies
Gold 5% Trophy 0
Gold 6% Trophy 2K
Gold 7% Trophy 4K
Gold 8% Trophy 6K
Gold 9% Trophy 9K
Gold 10% Trophy 11K
Gold 11% Trophy 12K
Gold 12% Trophy 14K
Gold 13% Trophy 17K
Gold 14% Trophy 19K
Gold 15% Trophy 21K
Gold 16% Trophy 24K
Gold 17% Trophy 27K
Gold 18% Trophy 30K
Gold 19% Trophy 33K
Gold 20% Trophy 36K
Gold 21% Trophy 39K
Gold 22% Trophy 43K
Gold 23% Trophy 47K
Gold 24% Trophy 50K
Gold 25% Trophy 54K
Gold 26% Trophy 59K
Gold 27% Trophy 63K
Gold 28% Trophy 67K
Gold 29% Trophy 72K
Gold 30% Trophy 77K
Gold 31% Trophy 81K
Gold 32% Trophy 86K
Gold 33% Trophy 92K
Gold 34% Trophy 97K
Gold 35% Trophy 102K
Gold 36% Trophy 108K
Gold 37% Trophy 114K
Gold 38% Trophy 120K
Gold 39% Trophy 126K
Gold 40% Trophy 132K
Gold 41% Trophy 138K
Gold 42% Trophy 145K
Gold 43% Trophy 152K
Gold 44% Trophy 159K
Gold 45% Trophy 166K
Gold 46% Trophy 173K
Gold 47% Trophy 180K
Gold 48% Trophy 190K
Gold 50% Trophy 200K
Gold 52% Trophy 220K
Gold 54% Trophy 250K
Gold 56% Trophy 275K
Gold 58% Trophy 290K
Gold 60% Trophy 300K
Gold 64% Trophy 320K
Gold 68% Trophy 340K
Gold 72% Trophy 360K
Gold 76% Trophy 380K
Gold 80% Trophy 400K

Joining an AllianceEdit

Every alliance has one of the following three membership policies:

Open Apply to join Invite only
Everyone can join the alliance. Players can apply by tapping the “apply” button. The leader then receives notice of the application in the mailbox and can accept or decline. Alliance leaders can invite players by tapping the “invite” button on their info pages. Players then receive notice of the invitation in their mailbox, where they can accept or decline. An accepted invitation only goes through if there is still room for another player in the alliance.

In any case, there’s no more communication involved and no option to include any kind of message in invitations or applications. The whole process works with tapping a few buttons and without any personal communication.

Founding a new AllianceEdit

Every player who has an alliance tower can start his or her own alliance. After deciding on the alliance’s name (which cannot be changed afterwards) and investing 50K gold, the player automatically becomes the alliance’s leader.

Finding Members for an AllianceEdit

When selecting new members for an alliance, there are two things a leader can look for: trophy count and the size of the player’s donations. The latter is indicated on a player’s page where it says “donates 50k”, for example.

Most players can be invited into an alliance by its leader. As long as they have an alliance tower and don’t have invitations blocked they can be invited, even if they’re already in another alliance.

At lower levels it can be hard to find suitable members for a new alliance since not everyone has an alliance tower. In this case it can be helpful to look at the people competing in the same league. Most active players have built the tower.

Member RolesEdit

So far, there are only three types of alliance members: leader, general and soldier. For all practical intents and purposes, the leader owns the alliance.


An alliance's leader is its supreme ruler. He or she decides who may be part of the alliance. The leader is able to:

  • invite other players into the alliance
  • accept membership requests
  • promote soldiers to generals
  • promote a general to become the new leader. (see below)
  • degrade generals to soldiers
  • fire soldiers from the alliance
Edit alliance
The alliance leader is also the only one who can change the emblem, alliance message, language information, and membership policy.

The leader alone can decide to spend the alliance’s treasure on elite boosts or new levels.

To become an alliance’s leader, there are four ways:

  • Starting a new alliance.
  • Being promoted by the leader. In this case the former leader becomes a general.
  • Being promoted when the leader leaves the alliance. In that case the general with the most trophies becomes the new leader. This also happens when the former leader becomes inactive.
  • Being promoted when the former leader becomes inactive.

Since leaders are usually founders and the most attached to their alliance, most real money donations come from alliance leaders.


An alliance's general is nearly as powerfull as the leader. He or she decides who may be part of the alliance. The general is able to:

  • invite other players into the alliance
  • accept membership requests
  • fire soldiers from the alliance
  • The general can decide to spend the alliance’s treasure on elite boosts or new levels.
  • Change the alliance message
  • Attack in alliance battles

To become an alliance’s general, there is only one way:

  • Being promoted by the leader.

Besides the possibility to activate alliance boosts, there are two main reasons for a leader to have generals:

  • Generals may help the leader to invite new members, especially, when flare decides to rise the number of allowed members per level.
  • Generals are thought to be attached to the alliance. They typically do not accept invitations from higher ranked alliances.


Soldiers are regular members of an alliance. They can take part in the alliance’s chat and donate gold to the alliance. They can also buy elite boosts for the alliance, but have to pay for them on their own with no help from the alliance’s treasure.

Otherwise soldiers enjoy the benefits of being in the alliance but have no say in its affairs and can be fired by the leader at any time.

Social AlliancesEdit

As a game, Royal Revolt 2 is designed for every player to be played by him or herself. Before alliances, there was no way to interact with other players in any way but to attack them. With alliances, the game now tentatively offers some features to socialize. Players within an alliance can now use a chat to communicate directly. They also share the common goal to strengthen the alliance in order to reap its benefits.

However, the social aspect remains very limited, even within an alliance. With the alliance leader being the only one who can really decide anything and everyone else basically just contributing gold, coordination isn’t needed and the chat by itself has little purpose. Communication with new members is also handled impersonally without any real communication between players.

With little need and possibilities to communicate, alliances are often rather impersonal arrangements. This only changes if its members either know each other outside the game as well or make an active effort to socialize.

Alliance Game TheoryEdit

Since the social aspect is often negligible, it’s possible to focus on every player’s self-interest and analyze alliances from the perspective of game theory.


Alliances offer two basic benefits to their members: gold bonus and elite boosts. The gold bonus depends on the combined number of the members’ trophies. This number depends on the trophies of the individual members, but also on the number of members, which depends on the alliance’s level.

Elite boosts also depend on the alliance’s level. Both levelling and elite boosts depend on the alliance’s ability to raise gold. Members with more trophies are likely to be more active, have better alliance towers, and be more willing to spend real money on donations.

For players this translates into the goal to be in an alliance with as many trophies as possible. Players have the incentive to always join the best possible alliance.

Alliances, represented by their leader, share the same goal. Their incentive is to maximize the alliance’s trophy count by selecting the best players for the alliance.

Alliance DynamicsEdit

In theory, players would have to change alliances whenever there is a chance to trade up. However, most of the higher-up alliances cannot be joined without invitation or application. Before a player can apply at a new alliance, it‘s necessary to leave the old one first. Until the application is accepted or rejected, the player is without an alliance. This makes switching alliances risky and outweighs the benefits of a small improvement like 1% higher gold bonus.

In practice, this means that most of the initiative lies with alliance leaders. They can invite new members even if they’ve already joined other alliances, as long as a player hasn’t disabled invitations. They can even invite more players than there is room left, minimizing their own risk. Still, they need to make room as otherwise players can’t join.

In order to make room for new players, leaders can resort to fire weaker players from the alliance. With one or more spots unfilled until new members join, the alliance is a little weaker, but the effect is rather negligible.

A limiting factor for any alliance is its leader. While weaker members can be exchanged for stronger ones, the leader’s spot is taken.


As both players and alliances try to trade up, there is a theoretical point where things are more or less stable. This would be when the top players are all in the first alliance, then the next best players in the second one and so on. However, this stability would only last until an alliance reaches the next level, making room for another player. It would then invite the top player from the next alliance, who would leave a free spot there – and so on.

Game Theory vs. PracticeEdit

There are several aspects speaking to the point that this is just theory. Not all alliances operate without any solidarity between members and not every player is invested in seeking the best possible alliance all the time.

Since player’s trophy counts change constantly, a really stable condition cannot be reached. Besides, trophies aren’t everything and a player making big donations is valuable to the alliance as well. Spending real money is also a factor by which an alliance can grow past others.

Leaderboard alliances boring

Most top ten players belong to the same alliance

Still, at the top of the leaderboards, things are rather stable. While little changes in the leaderboards are to be expected, it’s unlikely that big changes in the top 10 alliances happen overnight. As players continue to have the incentive to join the highest alliance possible, the highest alliances are able to attract the best players and therefore keep their position. Even though it’s not as perfect as in theory, some sort of equilibrium has been reached.

Elite & War Boosts Prices Edit

New Elite boost or new level of it is shown with a coral background color to help the reader to identify directly what he is going to unlock with a new Alliance level.

Alliance Levels
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

Elite Boosts Costs per Alliance levelEdit

The costs for Elite Boosts are calculated like this:

(Base Cost + (Cost per Alliance Level x (Your Alliance Level)) = Costs you have to pay

Elite Boosts Level Alliance Unlock Level Base Cost Cost per Alliance Level
Blazing Knight 1 3 60.000 9.000
2 4 70.000 10.500
3 8 80.000 12.000
4 12 90.000 13.500
5 18 100.000 15.000
6 23 120.000 18.000
7 32 140.000 21.000
8 40 160.000 24.000
9 51 160.000 24.000
Poison Arrow Tower 1 5 90.000 13.500
2 7 120.000 18.000
3 16 150.000 22.500
4 24 180.000 27.000
Power Archer 1 6 75.000 11.250
2 9 100.000 15.000
3 14 112.500 16.875
4 25 125.000 18.750
5 38 137.500 20.625
6 48 150.000 22.500
7 53 150.000 22.500
8 66 180.000 25.000
Tough Barricade 1 10 90.000 13.500
2 20 120.000 18.000
3 30 150.000 22.500
4 41 165.000 24.750
5 58 180.000 28.000
Holy Paladin 1 11 78.000 11.700
2 17 104.000 15.600
3 26 130.000 19.500
4 37 143.000 21.450
5 45 156.000 23.400
6 52 156.000 23.400
7 68 190.000 26.000
Frost Trap 1 13 90.000 13.500
2 22 120.000 18.000
3 33 150.000 22.500
4 44 165.000 24.750
5 59 180.000 28.000
Stunning Ogre 1 15 90.000 13.500
2 31 120.000 18.000
3 39 150.000 22.500
4 47 180.000 27.000
5 54 180.000 27.000
6 64 180.000 28.000
Range Bomber 1 19 90.000 13.500
2 27 120.000 18.000
3 36 150.000 22.500
4 46 165.000 24.750
5 61 180.000 28.000
6 69 180.000 28.000
Storm Cannon 1 21 120.000 18.000
2 29 140.000 21.000
3 35 160.000 24.000
4 42 180.000 27.000
5 49 180.000 27.000
6 60 180.000 28.000
Raging Wolf 1 28 120.000 18.000
2 34 160.000 24.000
3 43 180.000 27.000
4 50 180.000 27.000
5 55 180.000 27.000
6 62 180.000 28.000
Mad Monk 1 56 180.000 27.000
2 63 180.000 28.000
Tempest Tower 1 57 180.000 27.000
2 65 180.000 28.000
Witch Doctor 1 67 180.000 27.000
2 70 180.000 28.000

War Boosts Costs per Alliance levelEdit

The costs for War Boosts are calculated like this:

(Base Cost + (Cost per Alliance Level x Your Alliance Level)) x hours for Boost = Costs you have to pay

Example for an Alliance Lvl 38 with Doom Gate Lvl 3:

(180.000 + (27.000 x 38)) = 1.206.000 * 6h = 7.236.000

War Boosts Level Alliance Unlock Level Base Cost Cost per Alliance Level



1 Depends on Fiefdoms 180.000 27.000
2 180.000 27.000
3 180.000 27.000
4 180.000 28.000

Gargoyle Nest

Surprise Mumy

Doom Gate

1 Depends on Fiefdoms 177.000 26.550
2 180.000 27.000
3 180.000 27.000
4 180.000 27.000
5 180.000 27.000
6 180.000 27.000
7 180.000 28.000
8 180.000 28.000
9 180.000 28.000
Frenzy Frost Blaster 1 Depends on Fiefdoms 177.000 26.550
2 180.000 27.000
3 180.000 27.000
4 180.000 27.000
5 180.000 27.000
6 180.000 27.000
7 180.000 28.000
8 180.000 28.000


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