Elite Boosts are a way to improve some troops and defensive structures. They are only available to alliance members.

Elite Boosts Based on Description
Blazing Knight Knight

Blazing Knights deal additional Fire damage and also have extra health. Only Blazing Knights Level 4 onwards attack spikes. They are less likely to panic effect.

Poison Arrow Tower Arrow Tower Arrow Towers deal additional Poison damage with their arrows. They also have extra health.
Power Archer Archer Archers shoot explosive arrows which deal AoE Blunt Damage. They also have extra health. Although, their attack rate decreases from 1.00 to 0.50.
Tough Barricade Barricade Barricades have more health and are more resistant to Fire Damage.
Holy Paladin Paladin Holy Paladins not only have extra health but also heal themselves with each strike (similar to life drain).
Frost Trap Spikes Frost Spikes deal extra Ice Damage and have more health. They are effective to slow down enemies. The slow down effect doesn't spare flying units like Pyromancer.
Stunning Ogre Ogre Ogres stun enemies nearby with each hit. They also have additional health. Stunning Ogres are immune to slow down effects.
Range Bomber Bomb Tower Bomb Towers have a longer range and have more health.
Storm Cannon Cannon Storm Cannons have an attack rate increased to 0.80 from 0.20. (4x) Each shot deals less damage but their ability to fire more frequently makes them very efficient. They also have more health.

Raging Wolf Werewolf Raging Wolves have more health and their Howl Effect is more powerful. Their Howl Range also increase according to the level of the boost.
Mad Monk Monk Mad Monks deal more damage, have more health and heal surroundings more frequently.
Tempest Tower Lightning Tower Tempest Towers deal more damage, have more health and also have more charges than the usual 3.
Witch Doctor Necromancer Necromancers deal more lightning damage and summon more skeletons.

Main CharacteristicsEdit

Mainly Elite Boosts come with increased health and another enhanced characteristic, but they can have also another powerful skill. These boosts increase with higher Alliance Levels. Some Elite Boosts come with new general abilities (like stunning units), additional damage types (which are enhanced with higher levels), or changed unit characteristics (like attack speed or range).


Elite Boosts improve through Alliance level - a higher alliance level means more power for the elite boosts level. Some alliance levels unlock specific elite boost levels (for more information go to each link of elite boosts). If your next alliance level unlocks a new elite boost or a new elite boost level, it is activated for free 24h. Subsequently, if you want to prolong the elite boost, you need to spend gold according to the level of your elite boosts. When an Elite Boost is activated, it's surrounded by a purplish aura. Both ally and enemy troops/structures are identified with the same effect. When bought, these boosts improve units or defensive structures for a limited time.

Extend Elite Boosts TimeEdit

After activating certain elite boosts, you can extend their life as much as the level of the elite boost. Just like upgrades, Elite Boosts can be bought with the gold from the alliance's treasury. The leader and generals of an alliance must decide if they want to activate the elite boosts, spending gold from the alliance's treasury, or save gold to level up the alliance.

A normal soldier can also buy elite boosts for the alliance, but has to pay for the elite boosts on their own with no help from the alliance’s treasury.

Elite Boosts expire when the countdown timer ends, but can be extended/reactivated at any time. If you have, for example, 6 levels available for Blazing Knight, every time you will click on the button to prolong it, you will level up it to level 2, lvl 3 and so on until max lvl 6 (currently available for your alliance). If the timer ends because you forgot to prolong it, it will restart from lvl 1.

Elite BoostsEdit

Levels for elite boosts are unlocked when an alliance levels up. The table below contains the boosts that each alliance level unlocks.

Alliance Level Elite Boost  Boost Level
1 No Elite Boosts Unlockable
3 Blazing Knight 1
4 Blazing Knight 2
5 Poison Arrow Tower  1
6 Power Archer  1
7 Poison Arrow Tower 2
8 Blazing Knight 3
9 Power Archer 2
10 Tough Barricade 1
11 Holy Paladin 1
12 Blazing Knight 4
13 Frost Trap 1
14 Power Archer 3
15 Stunning Ogre 1
16 Poison Arrow Tower 3
17 Holy Paladin 2
18 Blazing Knight 5
19 Range Bomber 1
20 Tough Barricade 2
21 Storm Cannon 1
22 Frost Trap 2
23 Blazing Knight 6
24 Poison Arrow Tower 4
25 Power Archer 4
26 Holy Paladin 3
27 Range Bomber 2
28 Raging Wolf 1
29 Storm Cannon 2
30 Tough Barricade 3
31 Stunning Ogre 2
32 Blazing Knight 7
33 Frost Trap 3
34 Raging Wolf 2
35 Storm Cannon 3
36 Range Bomber 3
37 Holy Paladin 4
38 Power Archer 5
39 Stunning Ogre 3
40 Blazing Knight 8
41 Tough Barricade 4
42 Storm Cannon 4
43 Raging Wolf 3
44 Frost Trap 4
45 Holy Paladin 5
46 Range Bomber 4
47 Stunning Ogre 4
48 Power Archer 6
49 Storm Cannon 5
50 Raging Wolf 4
51 Blazing Knight 9
52 Holy Paladin 6
53 Power Archer 7
54 Stunning Ogre 5
55 Raging Wolf 5
56 Mad Monk 1
57 Tempest Tower 1
58 Tough Barricade 5
59 Frost trap 5
60 Storm Cannon 6
61 Range Bomber 5
62 Raging Wolf 6
63 Mad Monk 2
64 Stunning Ogre 6
65 Tempest Tower 2
66 Power Archer 8
67 Witch Doctor 1
68 Holy Paladin 7
69 Range Bomber 6
70 Witch Doctor 2
Royal Revolt 2 - Elite Boost Tutorial01:32

Royal Revolt 2 - Elite Boost Tutorial

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