Towers are lined alongside your path enroute to your castle gates and are used as the best part of your defence against attackers.

Towers StatisticsEdit



Damage Range



Resistance Weakness
ArrowTower Arrow Tower PiercingDamage Piercing Range 6.38 IconAttackRate 1.00 PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 75% BluntDamage 100% FireDamage 300%
BombTower Bomb Tower BluntDamage Blunt Range 6.75 IconAttackRate Varies PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 100%
FrostTower Frost Tower IceDamage Ice Range Varies IconAttackRate 1.00 PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 75% FireDamage 100%
GargoyleTower Gargoyle Tower FireDamage Fire Range 2.75 IconAttackRate 1.00 PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 100% IceDamage 100%
FireboltTower Firebolt Tower FireDamage Fire Range 7.10 IconAttackRate 5.00 PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 100% FireDamage 250%
SnakeTower Snake Tower PoisonDamage Poison Range 3.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 100% NormalDamage 100%
SkullTower Skull Tower BluntDamage Blunt Range 5.50 IconAttackRate Varies PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 50% IceDamage 100%
LightningTower Lightning Tower LightningDamage Lightning Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 0.33 PoisonDamage 90% IceDamage 75% FireDamage 250% BluntDamage 100%
HealTower Heal Tower Healing Heal Range 5.50 IconHealRate Varies PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 100% BluntDamage 100%
BasiliskTower Basilisk Tower NormalDamage Normal Range 4.00 IconAttackRate 2.00 PoisonDamage 90% PiercingDamage 50% BluntDamage 100% FireDamage 50%

Note:  It appears that some towers have additional weakness and resistances that are not listed in the in-game summary.

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