War Boosts are a way to improve some troops and defensive structures. They are only available after won first, second or third place in Alliance Wars.

War Boosts Based on Details

Dragofroster Froster

Dragofrosters collect dragon power.

Upon filling,the main froster summons an ice dragon.

Gargoyle Nest Gargoyle Tower

Gargoyle nests have more health.

They summon gargoyles from time to time.

Dracomancer Pyromancer

Dracomancers collect dragon power.

Upon filling, the main pyromancer turns into a fire dragon.

Surprise Mummy Mummy

Surprise Mummy releases knights upon death.

It deals more poison damage and stuns more often.

Frenzy Frost Blaster Arblaster

Frenzy Frost Blaster deals additional ice damage.

It heals surroundings upon death.

Doom Gate Castle Gate

Doom Gates have additional health.

They also fire poison, skull and fire bombs at enemies.

Extend War Boosts TimeEdit

War Boosts beginning with 1.9.0 patch can only be prolonged until the end of the next War Season in which the same War Boosts will be given as rewards.

With update 2.5, there is a reduced war frequency so war boosts won will be awarded for 10 days rather than the usual 6-7 days.

War BoostsEdit

War Elite Boosts can only be activated through Alliance Wars. The following boosts are awarded and activated for 10 days:

  1. Doom Gate
  1. Frenzy Frost Blaster
  1. Surprise Mummy
  2. Dragofroster
  3. Dracomancer
  4. Gargoyle Nest

After a War Boost is activated, it can be prolonged as usual: by spending alliance gold. War Boosts are, however, quite expensive to prolong.

IMPORTANT: War Boost levels cannot change during War Season when the Alliance conquers more fiefdoms: they are fixed until the end of War Season.

For example if your Alliance has 20 fiefdoms with a Surprise Mummy level 2 and during War Season your Alliance conquers enough fiefdoms to level up your Surprise Mummy to level 3 (for example 23 fiefdoms needed to level up it to 3rd level ), your Surprise Mummy will remain at level 2 until the end of War Season. Only at end of War Season you could join the next level.

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