The beginning with six closed chests

To get to the Chamber of Fortune you need to finish an attack with the destruction of the Castle Gate. You only have to destroy the Castle Gate – if you want to you can destroy nothing except the Castle Gate – and you will get to the Chamber of Fortune. If you don't destroy the Castle Gate, you will not get there.

In the Chamber of Fortune Edit

When you are in the Chamber of Fortune, you will find
Schermopname (97)

The end with one chest found

six chests. Three chests contain some sort of treasure, three others only contain a skull. You can continue opening chests till you have found all three treasures or until a skull appears.

After opening a chest with a skull, you are given the choice to either give up, or try again for the price of a few gems.

If you give up or manage to find all three treasures all remaining chests will open to reveal some treasure or a skull.

Treasures and MechanismsEdit

In the Chamber of Fortune you can find hero items, gold, gems, food, and pearls. Treasures tend to get better when you get further in the game.

Treasures are often of very different value. Usually the lowest value treasure is the first one you can find whereas high value treasures are always the last one. With recent updates, the more valuable items can be chosen in any order, though the "lower value first" trend is more common.

Luck and ManipulationsEdit

The aforementioned mechanism raises the question how much randomness or luck is actually involved in the Chamber of Fortune. Flaregames has ignored questions about the exact mechanisms in the Chamber of Fortune on multiple occasions, leaving much to speculations.

Apparently, chests are not pre-filled, but have their contents decided in the moment they're opened. With a slow internet connection, opening a chest can take a moment.

Statistically, if the chests are picked randomly, a player ought to have a 50% chance to open the first one (3 out of 6). In general, the correct chance would always be calculated this way: chests that can be openend / total chests. However, for a Server Update in December 2014 Flaregames announced more luck in the Chamber of Fortune, suggesting that odds are not always what they seem. It is unknown whether this update was permanent and if the chances are what they appear to be.

With the introduction of the Blacksmith in November 2015, the luck perk has been introduced. It is possible that the chances have been reset to their correct values at this point.

It is unknown whether a player's decision on a particular chest has any impact on the outcome. It is possible that the game decides how many chests a player gets in advance.

It is also unknown whether the treasures that the game presents after you give up are actually the same that you would've gotten if you had found the right chests or paid to open them.


Gold appears more often than ofther sorts of treasure. Three chests with gold are not uncommon. The first chest you can find has a low amount of gold whereas the last one holds an extraordinary amount.

The winnable amount of gold never exceeds the remaining room in the treasure chamber. If there is no room left, then no gold can be found. Using this, a tactic is to fill up the treasure chamber first so that the other, rarer treasures can be found. However, since you will also have to forgo the regular gold from an attack this tactic isn't always appreciated.


After gold, food is probably the second most common treasure to find (but it's still much rarer than gold). As with gold, the winnable amount is limited by the available capacity in the silo. It is possible to find more than one chest with food, with growing amounts of it.

Since an attack always requires some food, there is always room for at least one food chest. In order to create the possibility to find more, you can abstain from collecting food from farms. The downside is, that full farms won't produce any more food until some of their storage capacity is freed up.


Items are rarer than food and gold, but not uncommon. Common to Legendary weapons can be found in the Chamber of Fortune. Finding a good item for the hero, however, is extremely rare.

Unlike with food or gold, not having any room left in the inventory doesn't prevent items from appearing as treasure. When you get an item in the Chamber of Fortune, you can choose to take it (transport it to your inventory), or sell it for gold. If your inventory is full, you can buy a new inventory slot for gems. If you don't want to do that, there is no other option than selling the item.

Gems and PearlsEdit

Finding gems happens much less often than finding other kinds of treasures. With gems, decent amounts can be found. Amounts of pearls can be found ranging from 1 to upwards of 100. The amount obtained presumably depends on the player level. For the player obtaining the 100 pearl prizes, they may also see mid-range pearl prizes around 50 pearls. Detailed logs will be necessary to further confirm the level-dependent trend. The gem amounts seem to be more fixed, but still scale with player level. It is now possible to find multiple chests with pearls in them. The first usually containing a small amount, and the other containing many. Observations were done with a level 88 character.

Skulls Edit

During war battles, the Chamber of Fortune contains skull prizes. After the Dracofroster/Dracomancer update, skulls became the first prize obtained in the chamber of fortune for war battles. This was also when the limit was placed on how many battles a player could fight per war so this could be a consoling addition These are always the first prize (If a good chest is chosen). The amount of skulls varies, but apparently scales with the difficulty of the opponent. Whether this scaling is by trophies, opponent level, or possible medals needs to be tested. The skulls won in the Chamber of Fortune are attributed the players skull total in a given battle. They continue to add to the skull total on top of the three best attacks (highest skulls) even if that attack itself yielded less skulls.