This Mortar is strong against Barricades, moves faster and has more health.

The Corrosion Caster is a smaller, faster version of the mortar. Although it's not mentioned in the boost's description, it's range is actually lowered from 5.00 to 4.00.


For the most part, the Corrosion Caster doesn't behave any differently than the mortar. There are, however, two exceptions:

  1. It attacks all obstacles (barricades, blockades, and spikes). This also includes obstacles in a neighboring lane.
  2. Due to its lower range, it's less likely to engage troops in a neighboring lane.

Despite its massive blunt damage, the Corrosive Caster doesn't attack towers. It does, however, target the castle gate.


Speed: With a speed of 4.00, the Corrosion Caster is as fast as a Werewolf.

Quick reinforcements: Due to its speed, reinforcements catch up with the hero rather quickly.

Double strength waves: On defence, the Corrosion Caster can catch up with the preceding wave, just like a wolf. This allows for extra strong waves (at the cost of the next wave).

Obstacles: All obstacles, including spikes, are targeted when in range. Due to the massive blunt damage, they all fall quickly.

Castle gate: Just like obstacles, the castle gate takes massive damage from the Corrosion Caster.

Size: The Corrosion Caster doesn't need much space. It's unlikely to block or be blocked by another unit.

Troops: Enemy troops, including monsters, also take a lot of damage from the Corrosion Caster.

AoE damage: The Corrosion Caster is well suited to attack and kill groups of enemy units due to its area of effect damage.


Towers: The Corrosion Caster ignores towers altogether, letting its massive blunt damage go to waste in this regard.

Range: Compared to the mortar it's based on, the Corrosion Caster's range has been lowered. This puts it at a disadvantage with cannons and most other ranged units. Even archers with 12 or more range forgings have a greater range.

Resilience: Despite its health, the Corrosion Caster is not a unit that can take much damage. On defence, it is vulnerable to many spells, especially Firestorm.

Enemy AoE damage: The downside of it's size is that Corrosion Casters are often close to another, making them vulnerable to area of effect damage. This is especially true when faced with Skull Towers.

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