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Insta-Troops are units that appear near your hero and is the fourth unit slot. They must be donated by alliance members and/or friends.
Royal Revolt 2 - Using Insta Troops!01:56

Royal Revolt 2 - Using Insta Troops!

How to request insta-troops? Edit


Build your alliance tower and press on the request button to request a unit. The unit you can request depends on the level of your alliance tower. See table below to see the unlocked troops.

Alliance Tower






1 Knight 30s 1
2 Archer 28s
3 Paladin 26s
4 Froster 25s 2
5 Cannon 24s
6 Orge 23s
7 Pyromancer 22s 3
8 Gargoyle 21s
9 Arblaster 20s 4
10 Mummy 19s
11 Mortar 18s 5
12 Werewolf 17s
13 Monk 16s 6
14 Necromancer 15s

You could unlock more slot if you do next things:

  • Connect with Facebook
  • Get three Facebook-friends who play the game
  • Joining an alliance.

Your request is visible for one hour and you could do one request per two hour. Remember that the level of the troop are equal with the level from who the troop has donated. For example if player X request for an ogre and player Y donate three ogres, the insta-ogre of player X will be equal to the level of player Y.

How to donate insta-troops? Edit


After a player has requested insta-troops, other members and friends could donate them. You could do five donations in two hours. Skip the cooling down cost 25 gems.

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