Item Shop with Granny

Item shop Edit

The item shop is a caravan that sets up in your courtyard once your hero reaches level 8 and upgraded the Throne Room at level 2. Granny, the elderly lady who runs the shop, provides a variety of equipment as well as quips of wisdom. You can purchase items (depending on the item) for gold, gems or pearls. You can equip them in your Throne Room.

Buy menu Edit

There are always five items available for purchase at any given time. If nothing interests you, then you have the option to spend gems to discard the selection and replenish it with five new items. The first time you do that (after you got new items automatically) it will cost 1 gem, after that 2 gems until the items replenish automatically. If you purchase an item, then a new one will appear to replace the one you purchased. Also, every six hours or so new items will become available, replacing the items previously in the shop.

Selling items Edit

You can sell your items after you got them, if you bought another item to replace the old one. You get some gold back for them. If you got an item in the Dungeon, you can sell it too, instead of grabbing it.

Saving your gold in items can be a bad idea: You get only 10% of the price you paid! Granny doesn't like competitors! :-)

Rarity of items: Edit

There are items that are rare, and some that are common. When your hero level increases, you will get better and rarer items. If you are level 40 and you buy an enchanted item, the item will be stronger than an enchanted item you buy at level 20. Also, the rarer an item is, the more expensive and stronger it is.

These are the rarities of items:

  • Gray: Common
  • Green: Enchanted
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Yellow: Legendary
  • Red: Uber

The discount Legendary items can only be bought with gems.


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