You need morale points to call units. Each unit consumes an amount of morale points. Example: A Ogre uses 12 morale points, and a Knight uses 1 morale point. You have got 14 morale points, so you can get 1 Ogre and 2 Knights, or 14 Knights.
Units Morale Points (Offense & Defense)
Knight Morale 1
Archer Morale 2
Paladin Morale 3
Ogre Morale 12
Froster Morale 3
Gargoyle Morale 4
Cannon Morale 5
Pyromancer Morale 4
Mummy Morale 14
Arblaster Morale 4
Werewolf Morale 16
Mortar Morale 5
Monk Morale 10

Morale points in wavesEdit

Morale points are the points you need to get/use units. By upgrading a wave in the Castle Guard you get some more morale points for that wave. Then you can use better units (that need more morale points) in your wave.

Special Units Morale Points (Offense & Defense)

Morale points in attackingEdit

The morale points in an attack can be seen at the bottom of your screen. You can summon units with them. The fill rate of the morale points bar is dependent on your leadership. Morale fills up to a maximum of 20.

The morale at the start of an attack is determined by the hero level and the start morale perk, which can be found on some items. With the perk, a start morale of more than 20 is possible. In such cases, new morale won't be generated until the bar goes back below 20.

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