Pals are supportive pets that help you alongside your hero during the battle. They don't get attacked by enemies so therefore can't die. Each of them differ for their normal attack and Special Ability. Their special ability is on a loop that continues for your entire battle and it recharges roughly every 10 seconds.

Pals ListEdit


Name Damage Range Ability Range

Attack Rate

Special Ability
Tammy Tammy BluntDamage Blunt Range 0.60 Range 5.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 Healing Heal
Archimedes Archimedes PiercingDamage Piercing Range 1.00 Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 StunNeutral Stun Power
Howl Howl NormalDamage Normal Range 0.60 Range Varies IconAttackRate 1.00 Icon Howl Howl Range
Eldrak Eldrak FireDamage Fire Range 1.50 Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 FireDamage Firestorm
Bucky Bucky NormalDamage Normal Range 1.00 Range 5.00 IconAttackRate 1.00 ShieldNeutral Shield Health
Aki Aki NormalDamage Normal Range 0.60 Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 IconConfusion Confusion Chance
Nidhogg Nidhogg

FireDamage Fire
PoisonDamage Poison

Range 1.50 Range 5.50 IconAttackRate 1.00 IconShadowMorale Shadow Morale

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