Pearls are very crucial to keep your spells, units and structures relevant at higher levels. Earn more Pearls by melting items or spending Gems.

You can unlock forging after reaching a certain level. Pearls can be earned by winning in Ninja events.

Appearance Edit

Pearls in the game are purple in color and spherical in shape.

Royal Revolt 2 - Tutorial Pearls

Royal Revolt 2 - Tutorial Pearls

The video on the right was made by Pellez and demonstrates the usage of Pearls.

Uses Edit

These are the following uses for pearls:

  • They can be used to buy some hero items at the granny item shop.
  • They can be used to upgrade items through the Blacksmith Workshop.
  • They can be used to perk stats on Troops, Spells and Defensive Structures.

How to earn Pearls Edit

Pearls can be earned in only three ways:

  • By spending gems. The ratio is:
ello Conversion Ratio
Gems Pearls
Gem 10 Pearl 3
Blacksmith Event Gem 2 Pearl 1
  • Pearls can also be found in the chests in the Chamber of Fortune;
  • You can find Pearls in Magic Chests which can be obtain by making lot of skulls during Alliance War;
  • You can get pearls by opening Pro-Chests;
  • You can earn pearls by melting down items in the Blacksmith Workshop;
  • Winning Ninja Events. You can win up to 15,000 pearls from the Highest Ninja Tier;

Note: Pearls cannot be bought directly with real money.

Reason to collect Pearls Edit

Although it may be tempting to spend pearls on hero items, it's preferable to not spend them but, instead, collect them. Here's why:

  • The Pearl diver quests have huge gem rewards. The final pearl diver quest has a reward of 3,500 gems;
  • Given the low conversion rate of gems to pearls, it's not worth to spend them on hero items until you reach level 111;
  • Always useful collect pearls to upgrade items to the Blacksmith Workshop;
  • To forge spells, units and defensive structures.