The Pyromancer is heavily effective from a distance, but is weak in close combat.

Once the Pyromancer throws the Fire attack at you, no matter how far you run away from where you were, the attack will still hit you. Its weakness is noticed under Frost Towers.

Attack Edit

Strengths of the Pyromancer as an attacking unit Edit

  • Massive HP: The Pyromancer at max. level has an HP of 6,500. This gives it long survivability.
  • Flying Unit : Pyromancers, being flying units, can fly over spikes and therefore take no damage from them.
  • Heavily Resistant To Fire: The Pyromancer has a 75% resistance to fire. This makes it extremely durable in enemy bases deploying a lot of Firebolt towers .
  • Heavily Resistant to Poison: The Pyromancer also carriers, a 75% resistance to poison. This makes it a great counter against bases deploying lots of Mortars and Mummies in their waves. While other units (like Arblasters, Paladins, Archers, Frosters ) tend to take a lot of damage from poison, the Pyromancer gets affected a lot less.
  • Nemesis of the Firebolt Tower: A maxed out Pyromacer is capable of not only annihilating a maxed out Firebolt tower, but also surviving the confrontation. This is because of two reasons: 1) Firebolt towers have a 250% weakness to fire damage, and 2) Pyromancers have a 75% resistance to fire.
  • Arrow Towers and Wooden Barricades: Because of their respective 300% and 200% weaknesses to fire, arrow towers and barricades get destroyed easily when confronted by Pyromancers.
  • AOE type attack: The Pyromancer can set aflame several enemies at once with one attack.
  • Panic inducing attack: The Pyromancer's flame is capable of throwing several units into a state of panic. The units affected by panic run around mindlessly without attacking back and taking damage at the same time. The only units that don't panic under the pyromancer's attack are cannons, mortars, gargoyles, mummies, werewolves and ogres. Pyromancers can actually panic but because of their 75% resistance to fire, they hardly do so.

Weaknesses of the Pyromancer as an attacking unit Edit

  • Slow Movement Speed: Pyromancer is ranked at #6 in the unit speed rankings.
  • Slow Attack Speed: Pyromancer's rate of fire is lower than other ranged units like Frosters, Archers, and Arblasters.
  • Massive Piercing Weakness: One of the biggest reasons why Pyromancers aren't used in attack is its huge weakness to piercing. Similar to the Ogre, the pyromancer dies quickly when confronted by high level archers and arblasters. This is why bases deploying lots of firebolt towers will have a lot of arblasters in their waves which deal piercing damage and also outrange the Pyromancer, to cover up Firebolt tower's weakness to Pyromancers.
  • Not Enough Firepower: Pyromancers take a good amount of time to destroy structures that don't have a weakness to fire, like Skull and Snake towers.
  • Relatively High Morale Cost: At 4, the Pyromancer's morale cost can be considered relatively expensive, especially for low level players (Leadership < 5,000).
  • Units immune to Panic: Not all units are affected by panic when hit with the Pyromancer's flame. Units like Mummies, Ogres, Werewolves, Gargoyles, Cannons, and Mortars don't panic.
  • Relatively low range for a ranged unit: The Pyromancer's range of 4.0 is inferior to some other ranged units like Cannon (6.0), Froster (5.5) and Arblaster (5.5). Therefore, in combat, these units can attack the pyromacer earlier than it can attack them. Luckily, the last 2 levels increase its range to 5.0 making it a little more useful.


Level Health Damage Range Academy Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Health 1,150 FireDamage 94 Range 4.00 6 Unlock with Troop Academy lvl 6
2 Health 1,380 FireDamage 118 Range 4.00 6 Gold 250K Time 6h 36m
3 Health 1,660 FireDamage 148 Range 4.00 7 Gold 750K Time 13h 12m
4 Health 1,990 FireDamage 185 Range 4.00 8 Gold 1.5M Time 1d 2h
5 Health 2,390 FireDamage 231 Range 4.00 9 Gold 3M Time 2d 4h
6 Health 2,870 FireDamage 289 Range 4.00 10 Gold 5M Time 4d 22h
7 Health 3,440 FireDamage 362 Range 4.00 10 Gold 7M Time 5d
8 Health 4,130 FireDamage 453 Range 4.00 10 Gold 9M Time 5d 12h
9 Health 4,710 FireDamage 517 Range 4.50 11 Gold 11M Time 6d
10 Health 5,370 FireDamage 590 Range 5.00 11 Gold 13M Time 6d 6h
11 Health 5,910 FireDamage 649 Range 5.00 12 Gold 14M Time 6d 12h
12 Health 6,500 FireDamage 714 Range 5.00 13 Gold 15M Time 7d

Level Health Damage Range Academy Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time XP
1 Health 1,150 FireDamage 67 Range 4.00 6 Unlock with Troop Academy lvl 6 IconXP 31
2 Health 1,380 FireDamage 79 Range 4.00 6 Gold 250K Time 6h 36m IconXP 39
3 Health 1,660 FireDamage 94 Range 4.00 7 Gold 750K Time 13h 12m IconXP 49
4 Health 1,990 FireDamage 113 Range 4.00 8 Gold 1.5M Time 1d 2h IconXP 61
5 Health 2,390 FireDamage 134 Range 4.00 9 Gold 3M Time 2d 4h IconXP 76
6 Health 2,870 FireDamage 161 Range 4.00 10 Gold 5M Time 4d 22h IconXP 95
7 Health 3,440 FireDamage 195 Range 4.00 10 Gold 7M Time 5d IconXP 119
8 Health 4,130 FireDamage 234 Range 4.00 10 Gold 9M Time 5d 12h IconXP 149
9 Health 4,710 FireDamage 268 Range 4.50 11 Gold 11M Time 6d IconXP 186
10 Health 5,370 FireDamage 304 Range 5.00 11 Gold 13M Time 6d 6h IconXP 233
11 Health 6,010 FireDamage 334 Range 5.00 12 Gold 14M Time 6d 12h IconXP 291
12 Health  FireDamage  Range 5.00 13 Gold 15M Time 7d IconXP 

Forgings LevelsEdit

Forgings Levels Pearls Cost Cooldown Success Chance Max Fails
+1 Pearl 50 Time 9h 18m ButtonConfirm 66.6% ButtonCancel 0
+2 Pearl 100 Time 18h 36m ButtonConfirm 55.5% ButtonCancel 0
+3 Pearl 150 Time 1d 3h 54m ButtonConfirm 44.4% ButtonCancel 1
+4 Pearl 200 Time 1d 13h 12m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+5 Pearl 200 Time 2d 7h 48m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+6 Pearl 200 Time 3d 11h 42m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+ Pearl 200 Time 6d 23h 24m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
IconBoostForge Forgings Health Health Bonus IconAttackRate Attack Rate Range Range
+1 +110 0,50 5,07
+2 +220 0,51 5,13
+3 +330 0,51 5,20
+4 +440 0,52 5,26
+5 +550 0,53 5,33
+6 +660 0,53 5,39
+7 +770 0,54 5,46
+8 +880 0,55 5,52
+9 +990 0,55 5,59
+10 +1,100 0,56 5,65
+11 +1,210 0,57 5,72
+12 +1,320 0,57 5,78
+13 +1,430 0,58 5,85
+14 +1,540 0,59 5,91
+15 +1,650 0,59 5,98
+16 +1,759 0,60 6,04
+17 +1,859 0,61 6,08
+18 +1,945 0,61 6,12
+19 +2,017 0,61 6,14
+20 +2,076 0,62 6,15
+21 +2,123 0,62 6,17
+22 +2,162 0,62 6,17
+23 +2,194 0,62 6,18
+24 +2,221 0,62 6,19
+25 +2,243 0,62 6,19
+26 +2,262 0,62


+27 +2,278 0,62 6,20
+28 +2,292 0,62 6,20
+29 +2,305 0,62 6,20
+30 +2,316 0,62 6,20
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
MAX Health +2,478 IconAttackRate 0,62 Range 6,23

War Boost (Dracomancer)Edit


A dragon in action

Pyromancers, when elite boosted become Dracomancers. This boost can be won in an odd-numered war season.

Growing into a Fire DragonEdit

Dracomancers have the ability to grow into fire dragons once they have collected enough dragon power. Each Dracomancer comes with a small amount of dragon power. The dragon power grows per second. It also grows every time the Dracomancer hits a target with its flame. The Dracomancer with the biggest amount of Dragon-Power (the strongest one) is sucking in all Dragon-Power from surrounding Dracomancers. This can be observed as a purple Dragon-Power transfer effect. The Dracomancer will grow in size, increase its maximum HP and do additional Damage based on the amount of Dragon-Power it owns. By the time the bar is almost full with Dragon power, the Dracomancer would have grown to the size of an Ogre.

Once a Dracomancer has collected enough Dragon-Power it transforms into a mighty Fire-Dragon. The second this happens, the game is paused for a moment while the screen focuses on the transformation. The dragon then lifts off and the game resumes.

The DragonEdit

Right after the transformation, the dragon lifts off and leaves the battlefield. It returns three times to attack, but cannot be attacked or stopped. Only a Time Warp scroll can slow it down.

The dragon attacks occur shortly after its transformation. The dragon then flies low over the battlefield, sending its flaming breath on enemy troops and structures before leaving again. The attacks are directed at targets close to the hero; if there are none, the dragon stays away.

The Dragon has tremendous fire power. So much so it can destroy max level firebolt towers, elite boosted mummies along with the knights in one or two seconds. It is extremely effective against barricades; even tough barricades. Units and structures that can withstand fire damage, however, take little damage. The dragon is therefore of little use against Skull Towers and Gargoyle Towers.


Dracomancers are a special kind of boost with the spectacular ability to turn into fire dragons. However, it takes very long to get them to transform. The process can be sped up by giving Dracomancers the chance to gather more power through attacks, but at the same time this means that they get into harms way. Unless it gets attention and protection, the strongest Dracomancer can easily be lost to a volley from a Skull Tower.

The long time to charge and the risk to lose the important strong Dracomancer makes this unit less reliable then others.Directing the dragon is also problematic since it attacks near the hero, whether a target is worthy or not. This can result in the dragon burning down several barricades, but it can also result in a useless attack on a skull tower or a single werewolf.

All in all it's hard to base a strategy on dragons since you can hardly predict if and when a Dracomancer will transform. This makes dragons a nice surprise, but nothing you can rely on.


Dragon Power








1 FireDragonPowerSpeedRecharge 50% FireDragonStrength 50% FireDamage 20% Health 10% FiefdomIcon 1
2 FireDragonPowerSpeedRecharge 60% FireDragonStrength 60% FireDamage 30% Health 15% FiefdomIcon 20
3 FireDragonPowerSpeedRecharge 75% FireDragonStrength 75% FireDamage 40% Health 20% FiefdomIcon 40
4 FireDragonPowerSpeedRecharge 100% FireDragonStrength 100% FireDamage 50% Health 25% FiefdomIcon 60

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