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My passion is mainly playing at Royal Revolt 2 and Rocket League but also other cool games! If you like my content please subscribe to support me and thanks for visiting my channel!
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Video producer, tutorial creator for Royal Revolt 2.

Recordman, speedruner, stunter on other games!
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I have more than 40000 records over 50 video games, feel free to check them here:
Have fun :)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guides, info and news! Plus other free to play games like, monster raid, clash royale and more ! Archeage money making guides and breaking news covered here! Never be poor in archeage and have more fun buying the things you want in game rather than struggling to make gold and stressing over gold! The best guides, tips, tricks and cheats for Royal Revolt 2. RR2 is a tower defense game that is free to play but has a premium currency that you will have to buy if you want to get high in the leader boards. You can play 100% for free just don't plan on being number 1 in the world leader boards =p. Add me on facebook as a friend to check out more too!

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