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"The Silo is the place where you store your Food. A full Silo will mean you are always in the position to go into battle. Upgrade your Silo to store more Food and to be able to fight more fights."

Food can be stored in the silo, freeing storage capacity for farms. Since a farm cannot produce any more food when it's full, it makes sense to transfer its local storage to the silo.

To be able to accumulate as much gold or medals as possible, players can save up food in the silo and then in farms and then launch a series of attacks until food reserves are depleted.

The higher the silo's level, the more food can be stored. From level 5 on its capacity is the same as the four farm's capacity at the same level combined. The silo is maxed out at level 18.

Upgrading the Silo also raises the maximum level of the Farms.


Level Capacity Requirement Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Capacity 220 Throne Room level 1 FREE
2 Capacity 250 Gold 500 Time 10m
3 Capacity 280 Throne Room level 2 Gold 1.5K Time 30m
4 Capacity 310 Throne Room level 3 Gold 5K Time 30m
5 Capacity 340 Throne Room level 4 Gold 15K Time 1h
6 Capacity 370 Throne Room level 5 Gold 35K Time 2h
7 Capacity 440 Throne Room level 6 Gold 75K Time 4h
8 Capacity 480 Throne Room level 7 Gold 200K Time 8h
9 Capacity 520 Throne Room level 8 Gold 400K Time 16h
10 Capacity 580 Gold 600K Time 1d 12h
11 Capacity 640 Gold 800K Time 2d
12 Capacity 720 Throne Room level 9 Gold 1.25M Time 3d
13 Capacity 800 Gold 2M Time 4d
14 Capacity 900 Gold 3M Time 4d 12h
15 Capacity 1,000 Throne Room level 10 Gold 4M Time 5d
16 Capacity 1,100 Gold 5M Time 5d 12h
17 Capacity 1,200 Gold 6M Time 6d
18 Capacity 1,300 Throne Room Level 11 Gold 8M TimeDuration 7d

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