The Sonic Blast will cause massive damage to everything. This spell can help you in the diciest situations.

General AssessmentEdit

Sonic Blast is the third to last spell a player gets, unlocked when the Wizard's Tower reaches level 10. It works against everything, but is mainly used to destroy towers.


Towers: The primary use of Sonic Blast is to destroy towers.

Traps: Much like towers, traps are greatly affected by the spell.

Troops: Sonic Blast works well on troops , too. Initially, with the occasional exception of cannons, most units die within the spell's duration.

Castle Gate: Sonic Blast does considerable damage to the castle gate. This opens up the chance to run ahead and damage or destroy the caste gate with the hero.

Versatility: At higher levels, Sonic Blast works against everything.

Touch & Go: It's not necessary to stay with a unit or a structure to sustain the effect of Sonic Blast. Once touched by the spell, it stays with its victims for the remainder of the spell's duration. Meanwhile, the hero can move on to spread the effect on to other targets.


Cooldown: With Sonic Blast being an essential spell especially against firebolt towers, pushes often hinge on the readiness of this spell.

Barricades and blockades: While even those obstacles eventually fall when confronted with a Sonic Blast, it takes a lot of time compared to Bladestorm.

Protected firebolt towers: Sonic Blast often replaces Firestorm as the main weapon against firebolt towers. With them, it faces the same problem: The spell's range doesn't extend to firebolt towers behind barriers. Against this, a highly upgraded firestorm with 3.0+ range would be more preferable.

Initially weak: While strong against towers in general, a level 1 Sonic Blast is a little weaker against firebolt towers as a level 7 Firestorm.

Expensive to upgrade: Upgrading Sonic Blast requires considerable effort.



Sonic Blast is the main weapon against towers and should be used primarily against them. Because of the spell's power and cooldown it's important not to waste it but use it at the right time. This can mean to leave out single towers in order to have the spell ready against groups of two or more towers.

In the beginning, firebolt towers are the spell's main target. Later, as cannons grow stronger and skull towers pose a greater problem due to their immense amount of hit points, that focus can shift.

At the castle gateEdit

Upon reaching the castle gate, it's often a good idea to deliver the first Sonic Blast, so the gate can take some damage right away. It's also possible to have the spell deal with freshly spawned troops as well.

Leveling upEdit

With higher levels, Sonic Blast gains more destructive power. For its first target, this power can be overkill. In most situations, the advantage of a higher level spell becomes apparent with targets hit one or two seconds later. Since they're only affected for the small remainder of the duration, the difference in power decides whether they stand or fall.

Speed bootsEdit

To get the most out of the spell, boots with a speed boost can be very helpful. Since the hero is able to reach additional targets sooner, the spell's effect can remain a little longer.

In combination with Bladestorm/Blizzard Edit

When it comes to choosing spells for battle, Sonic Blast and Bladestorm are a great combination for non-boosted enemy troops. Sonic Blast then deals with most structures while Bladestorm handles troops and blockages. Sonic Blast and Blizzard work better for boosted enemies like wolf and arblaster, as well as boosted towers.

In dire situations, when health is low and a group of troops or towers needs to be dealt with quickly, using both Sonic Blast and Bladestorm/Blizzard can be an effective desperate measure.

Advanced players find alternative spell combinations that can make Sonic Blast less ideal

Levels Edit

Level Requirement Damage Cooldown Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 1,526 Countdown 15.0s Unlock with Wizard's Tower lvl 10
2 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 1,907 Countdown 15.0s Gold 2M Time 1d 11h 12m
3 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 2,384 Countdown 15.0s Gold 3.5M Time 2d 4h 48m
4 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 2,980 Countdown 15.0s Gold 4.5M Time 3d 7h 12m
5 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 3,725 Countdown 15.0s Gold 6M Time 4d 9h 36m
6 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 4,657 Countdown 15.0s Gold 7M Time 5d 12h
7 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 5,821 Countdown 14.5s Gold 8M Time 6d
8 Wizard's Tower lvl 10 BluntDamage 7,276 Countdown 14.0s Gold 9M Time 6d 6h
9 Wizard's Tower lvl 11 BluntDamage 8,604 Countdown 14.0s Gold 10M Time 6d 12h
10 Wizard's Tower lvl 11 BluntDamage 10,174 Countdown 14.0s Gold 12M Time 6d 18h
11 Wizard's Tower lvl 12 BluntDamage 11,191 Countdown 14.0s Gold 14M Time 7d

Forgings LevelsEdit

Forgings Levels Pearls Cost Cooldown Success Chance Max Fails
+1 Pearl 100 Time 9h 18m ButtonConfirm 66.6% ButtonCancel 0
+2 Pearl 200 Time 18h 36m ButtonConfirm 55.5% ButtonCancel 0
+3 Pearl 300 Time 1d 3h 54m ButtonConfirm 44.4% ButtonCancel 1
+4 Pearl 400 Time 1d 13h 12m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+5 Pearl 400 Time 2d 7h 48m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+6 Pearl 400 Time 3d 11h 42m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
+ Pearl 400 Time 6d 23h 24m ButtonConfirm 33.3% ButtonCancel 1
IconBoostForge Forgings Countdown Cooldown Range Range BluntDamage Damage Bonus
+1 13.86 2.50 +146
+2 13.72 2.55 +292
+3 13.58 2.60 +438
+4 13.44 2.65 +584
+5 13.30 2.70 +730
+6 13.16 2.74 +876
+7 13.02 2.79 +1,022
+8 12.88 2.84 +1,168
+9 12.74 2.89 +1,314
+10 12.60 2.94 +1,460
+11 12.46 2.99 +1,606
+12 12.32 3.04 +1,752
+13 12.18 3.09 +1,898
+14 12.04 3.14 +2,044
+15 11.90 3.19 +2,190
+16 11.77 3.23 +2,334
+17 11.66 3.27 +2,465
+18 11.59 3.29 +2,579
+19 11.55 3.31 +2,673
+20 11.51 3.32 +2,749
+21 11.49 3.33 +2,811
+22 11.47 3.33 +2,862
+23 11.46 3.34 +2,904
+24 11.45 3.34 +2,938
+25 11.44 3.35 +2,967
+26 11.43 3.35 +2,992
+27 11.42 3.35 +3,013
+28 11.42 3.35 +3,032
+29 11.42 3.35 +3,048
+30 11.41 3.36 +3,062
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
MAX Countdown 11.35 Range 3.38 BluntDamage +3,275