A call for instant reinforcements.

On activating this scroll, a group of troops is summoned right next to the hero. The selection is random, but drawn from the troops selected for the attack. The number of troops seems to be dependent on the morale needs of these troops. Using this scroll with only monsters available for summing results in smaller groups.

This scroll is especially useful right in front of the castle gate when time is running out.

Levels Edit

Level Max Morale Troops Cooldown Gem Cost Requirement
1 Morale 15 Countdown 50.00s Gem 1 Wizard's Tower lvl 4
2 Morale 20 Countdown 49.00s Gem 3 Hero Level 25
3 Morale 25 Countdown 48.00s Gem 5 Hero Level 35
4 Morale 30 Countdown 47.00s Gem 8 Hero Level 45
5 Morale 35 Countdown 46.00s Gem 9 Hero Level 65
6 Morale 40 Countdown 45.00s Gem 10 Hero Level 85
7 Morale 44 Countdown 40.00s Gem 11 Hero Level 100
8 Morale 46 Countdown 38.00s Gem 12 Hero Level