The tent is the place from where attackers attack and from where you can test your defenses. If your defenders destroy the tent, the attacker instantly loses the battle.


Players who attack you, start each attack with full-health at the tent. The tent is located at the start of your defense path and it's the place where (except for mummys) your units spawn when you call them. If your defending troops are too strong for the attacker, and they destroy his tent, the attacker lost the attack. When you attack, you always need to make sure that you kill all defenders, or they might be able to destroy your tent, because your tent does minimal damage.

Testing your own defensesEdit

You can test your own defenses too. You can do that by clicking on your tent (in front of your base, at the start of your defense way) and then clicking the button 'Test defenses'. You will spawn like in a normal battle, but all scrolls and spells and reviving will be free, so you don't have to pay gems to test your own defenses. You win no medals, trophies and gold and you can't go to the Chamber of Fortune, but you don't have to pay food to test your defenses either.

Tent LevelsEdit

Health and Damage of the Tent go up in pair and change every tens levels. If Health change with different values every 10 levels, the damage, instead, increase by +4 every tens levels.

Levels Health Damage
1-9 Health 4,000 PiercingDamage 50
10-19 Health 5,000* PiercingDamage 70
20-29 Health 6,000 PiercingDamage 90
30-39 Health 7,350 PiercingDamage 110
40-49 Health 9,000* PiercingDamage 130
50-59 Health 11,030 PiercingDamage 150

Health 15,510*

PiercingDamage 170
70-79 Health 16,550 PiercingDamage 190
80-89 Health 20,270 PiercingDamage 210
90-99 Health 24,830 PiercingDamage 230
100-109 Health 30,420 PiercingDamage 250
110-119 Health 37,260 PiercingDamage 270
120-129 Health 45,640 PiercingDamage 290
130 Health 55,910* PiercingDamage 310

Values with asterisk need to be confirmed.