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"The Treasure Chamber keeps your riches. It is a golden sea of joy. By upgrading the Treasure Chamber you can store even more of your Gold you bring home from your conquests."

The Treasure Chamber is where a player's available gold is stored. All gold from raidschests, and item sales is collected there. When the chamber's capacity is reached, no more gold can be accumulated.

Gold from taverns is transferred to the Treasure Chamber only when it's collected. If there's no room for it, it is simply not collected.

Protecting GoldEdit

Whenever other players raid a kingdom, they may steal some gold. This gold either comes from the Treasure Chamber, or from taverns. A certain amount of gold in the chamber is protected whereas taverns are unprotected. The protected amount in the chamber increases with its level.

Inside the chamber, players can activate the gold shield to protect all of their gold (including tavern reserves) from raids for a limited time.


Level Requirement Capacity Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Gold Protected
1 Throne Room level 1 Treasure 100K FREE FREE GoldProtection 20K
2 Treasure 150K Gold 1K Time 10m GoldProtection 25K
3 Treasure 250K Gold 2.5K Time 30m GoldProtection 30K
4 Throne Room level 2 Treasure 350K Gold 5K Time 1h GoldProtection 50K
5 Throne Room level 3 Treasure 500K Gold 10K Time 2h GoldProtection 75K
6 Throne Room level 4 Treasure 750K Gold 25K Time 4h GoldProtection 150K
7 Throne Room level 5 Treasure 1.5M Gold 75K Time 8h GoldProtection 200K
8 Throne Room level 6 Treasure 3M Gold 150K Time 16h GoldProtection 250K
9 Throne Room level 7 Treasure 4.5M Gold 350K Time 1d GoldProtection 300K
10 Treasure 6M Gold 750K Time 2d GoldProtection 400K
11 Throne Room level 8 Treasure 9M Gold 1.5M Time 3d GoldProtection 500K
12 Treasure 12M Gold 2M Time 4d GoldProtection 750K
13 Throne Room level 9 Treasure 15M Gold 4M Time 5d GoldProtection 1M
14 Treasure 15M Gold 6M Time 6d GoldProtection 1,5M
15 Throne Room level 11 Treasure 15M Gold 8M Time 7d GoldProtection 2M