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Shortly after the update 1.4 was released, version 1.4.1 came with some new, unexpected additions.

Changelog Edit

Balancing Edit

  • Increased XP gain from mid- to lategame
  • The gold loss per attack is now capped to make sure that players do not as much gold as they used to through a single attack
  • Build orders and techtrees have been adjusted. For example, the Silo now needs to be upgraded before upgrading the Farms beyond a certain point
  • Cost of several upgrades and buildings decreased and build duration lowered


Three new powerful scrolls are waiting for you. The scrolls can be activated with pearls and have unique effects:

  1. Time Warp Pearl Scroll (slows down time for everything except yourself and your units)
  2. Portal Pearl Scroll (spawns units in a beacon at your location)
  3. Armageddon Pearl Scroll (Better Apocalypse)


  • Players should see less low loot opponents when using the ingame matchmaking
  • If a player should go on a losing streak, he will be matched against slightly easier opponents for his next matches

PvE DungeonEdit

  • The first Dungeon tunnel is for free and the digging time has been lowered

Dungeons are now colored

  • Added a new battle theme


  • Removed units & animations in Troop Academy for older devices to increase stability and optimize memory consumption


  • The quest system has been tweaked. Players are now shown where/how to complete a quest and are guided to the next open quest automatically.


  • Some changes to the overall tutorial structure and starting missions
  • Hero item tutorial unlocked at level 8
  • Dungeon unlocked at level 4
  • The first four PVP missions in the game are now PVE missions


  • Three new awesome(!) hero item colors
  • New amount badge shows you how many tower of a single type you have in your inventory instead of displaying them all side by side
  • Shiny and better looking hero items (only for newer devices with sufficient memory)
  • New music for the Autumn Glade and Graveyard environment
  • New building selection effect
  • Monsters are harder to push now. Players will actually have to navigate around them
  • A whole lot of minor polishing and bug fixes


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