New troop, tower and spell Edit

The monk Edit

  • The Monk is a new Troop type that can heal other troops and the Hero in battle.
  • Monks can also attack the enemy with their Shillelagh when they are in close range.

The lightning tower Edit

  • The Lightning Tower fires electiric lightning bolts at the enemy and by that stuns them for a certain amount of time. This kind of stun cannot be neutralized in any way, but it can’t stun the hero.
  • Lightning Towers also deal damage to their victims, but they are most effective as support of other Towers by stopping the attackers so they can be hit with bombs, arrows, fire etc.
  • The lightning bolt strikes are very powerful and can hit multiple units. The higher the Tower’s level, the more enemies will be hit.
  • The lightning Tower only has a certain amount of charges, after using them all up, it deactivates and doesn’t stun or deal damage anymore.

Black magic Edit

  • The new Black Magic spell can steal the souls of the enemy and summon their ghosts to fight for the other side. Those ghosts have less health points than the Troops they are drawn from.
  • It also deals some damage with it’s dark energy when it sucks out the enemies life.
  • The number of ghosts that can be spawned rises with levelling up the spell.
  • Ghosts cannot be stunned by the Lightning Tower.

Forging Edit

  • Every Troop type, Spell, Tower or Obstacle can now be forged to improve certain stats of it – quite similar to Hero Item forging.
  • All those elements can also have additional perks, added in the Forge, such as special resistances. But those stats and perks cannot be removed or swapped like it is possible for Hero Items.
  • The option to forge Troops, Spells, Towers or Obstacles gets unlocked for every element at a certain level. Before reaching this level, an element cannot be put in the Forge.

Production boost Edit

  • Taverns, Farms and the Blacksmith can now be boosted with gems or video to increase their production rate and the meltdown speed.
  • The option to boost the production of a building unlocks with that building reaching a certain level. It unlocks for Taverns with level 3, Farms with level 2 and the Blacksmith with level 1 already.

New levels Edit

Dungeon levels Edit

  • Added 10 completely new Dungeon levels. Those levels include Boosts that have never been seen in the Dungeon before!
  •  New Monster levels and other great rewards are waiting!

Troop defense and spell levels Edit

  • All Troop types can be upgraded +2 levels.
  • All Spells can be upgraded +2 levels.
  • All Towers & Obstacles can be upgraded +2-3 levels (depending on type).

Maximum building levels Edit

  • Throne Room – Level 10: Unlocks most of the new building levels.
  • Alliance Tower – Level 13: Daily Donations up to 1.000.000 Gold.
  • Troop Academy – Level 11: Unlocks the Monk and higher Troop levels.
  • Inventor’s Workshop – Level 11: Unlocks the Lightning Tower and higher Tower & Obstacle levels.
  • Wizard’s Tower – Level 11: Unlocks the Black Magic and higher Spell levels.
  • Treasure Chamber – Level 13: Maximum storage of 15.000.000 Gold.
  • Taverns – Level 18: Increased Gold production.
  • Farms – Level 18: Increased Food production.
  • Silo – Level 17: Maximum storage of 1200 Food.
  • Castle Guard – Level 11: One additional wave, two additional levels for every wave adding 1 morale per level.
  • Blacksmith – Level 13: Reduced meltdown times.
  • Castle Gate – Level 20: Build up to 20 Towers & 15 Obstacles.

Alliance levels and more Edit

  • Increased the maximum Alliance Level to 65.
  • New Alliance Levels unlock new levels for already existing Elite Boosts, as well as completely new Elite Boosts.
  • Increased the Alliance Gold Boost for Alliances holding more than 300.000 Trophies.
  • Implemented 3 new Alliance Sigils to unlock.
  • Implemented 3 new Alliance Sigil background patterns – instantly unlocked for everyone!
  • Increased the maximum amount of Fiefdoms an Alliance can accumulate to 120.

Hero and item levels Edit

  • Increased the maximum Hero Level to 130.
  • This also increases the possible Hero Item Levels to 130.
  • Added 3 new Hero Item color sets.

Royal Revolt 2 birtday present Edit

  • All players can collect an awesome RR2 Birthday Present on the 27th of February through the Daily Reward menu. Don’t miss that present, it holds great value!

Gameplay video recording Edit

  • iOS & Android only: Players can now make video recordings of their battles and share them with their friends or upload them to YouTube.
  • Show us how you use the new content!

Other new things Edit

  • Increased amount of pearls players earn in the game. We increased the pearls that can be found in the Chamber of Fortune, in all kinds of Magic Chests and that players get by spending gems.
  • Improved Voucher payouts. It is now more fair and should be clearer how many Vouchers players earn and for what.
  • Added more detailed information on stats of troops in the Troop Academy. When a player taps on the troop cards now, many more stats are visible then before (e.g. movement speed). Also we changed the damage displayed from DPS (damage per second) to damage per hit. That is possible now because we also display the attack rates of troops now. So don’t be surprised if some damage numbers are changed dramatically, those are only displayed in a different (hopefully more understandable) way.
  • Added an alarm for Magic Chests that will expire soon, players don’t forget to collect their rewards.
  • Added information about the chances to roll certain perks on items in the Forge. When one taps on the little “X” to remove a perk, or on a little “i” button attached to empty slots, one gets a detailed list of perks and the chance to roll them in this slot. That way we tried to improve the frustrating situation a lot of players complained about, that they don’t know what they can get before investing pearls in an upgrade.
  • The Team fixed a lot of other bugs and polished various smaller things. I know we write that for every update, and it’s also true for every update, but this time it was really A LOT. 

Video Edit

Royal Revolt 2 - Birthday Preview

Royal Revolt 2 - Birthday Preview