UBER Chests:

There is a new chest type called “UBER Chests” in the game.

  • UBER Chests can contain UBER items with unique perk combinations.
  • UBER Chests are the only way to obtain UBER items without Pearl upgrading.
  • Users from Hero level 8 can buy these chests in the UBER Chest shop which can be found inside the standard shop menu in-game. The more chests you purchase in bulk, the cheaper the price.
  • UBER Chests have an infinite lifetime – so you can open them at any time.
  • Occasionally you’ll be gifted free UBER chests that are locked. They can only be unlocked by inviting a friend and then entering your friends code. Psssttttt…here’s a tip: quality over quantity will grant you special treats.

New Video Ad Placements:

Double Rewards:

  • Players will be presented with the opportunity to double their gold reward from their last battle by watching a video ad. These may be encountered when returning to the Castle scene after a glorious battle.

Shorten Upgrades:

  • Now able to shorten the duration of upgrades at any time by watching a video.

Search improvements:

Player Search:

  • In the player search bar (found in the leaderboard) there is a new search button which leads players to the improved search options.
  • Players can now set various search parameters including:
  1.  Trophy range
  2. Accepts Alliance invites
  3. Alliance membership
  4. Alliance tower level
  5. Online status

Alliance search:

In the alliance search bar (found in the Alliance leaderboard) there is a new search button which leads players to the improved search options. Players can set various search parameters here:

  • Amount of total alliance trophies
  • Amount of active players
  • Elite Boost activity

Wave Management Improvement:

  • Now able to copy and paste complete wave layouts via new buttons on every wave.
  • In addition, you can copy certain units by dragging and dropping those units.

Alliance War Matchmaking Improvement:

With the feedback we’d received from the community, we’ve improved the Alliance War matchmaking. It is now based on a scoring system, where a total score is determined from multiple elements such as number of fiefdoms, number of Alliance members and player activity.

New Quests:

  • Tower of Power: Upgrade the Alliance Tower to level X
  • Big Spender: Donate X gold to your Alliance
  • War Veteran: Fight in X War Seasons 

Generous Genius: Donate X Insta-Troops


  • Players can now spawn what we call "Insta-Troops".
  • They are additional Troops (spawned via a new button), which can be called upon directly next to your hero when in battle.
  • Every player has their own Insta-Troop queue, which has a limited number of slots and a certain cooldown between the spawning opportunities.
  • Insta-Troops are consumables, meaning that once a troop has been spawned it is gone and the queue-slot becomes empty again.
  • The number of slots you have in your Insta-Troop queue can be increased by fulfilling certain requirements such as connecting to Facebook, levelling up your Alliance Tower or being a member of an Alliance.
  • The Insta-Troop spawning cooldown can be reduced by levelling up the Alliance Tower.
  • Insta-Troops can only be acquired by requesting donations from other players.
  • Players can select the type of troop they wish to request from other other players.
  • When receives a donation, the level of the troop is that of the donating player.
  • Players unlock new troop types to donate by levelling up the Alliance Tower.


Perk: Life gain on hit has been rebalanced. Max*5 power. Granny reroll prices have been reduced.

Alliance Tower Gem cost for levels 2-8 have beenoreduced (except for level 5)

  • lvl2 = 2 goms
  • lvl3 = 5 gemo
  • lvl4 = 15 gems
  • lvl6 = 100 gems
  • lvl7 = 250 gems
  • lvl8 = 500 gems

Windows (Metro and Windows Phone 8.1 only):

  • Windows users can now receive custom in-game messages such as event activations. Note: Windows Phone 8.0 users are excluded from this.
  • Video ads are now available for Windows Phone users. Note: Windows Phone 8.0 users are unable to watch video ads.
  • Windows users can now login with Facebook and take advantage of the features introduced in v2.1. Note: Windows Phone 8.0 users do not have the option to login with Facebook, which means that you’re unable to get the Insta-Troop slot related to that.


  • Implemented a list of all Alliance members (incl. online status and donate option) into the Alliance chat.
  • When the last production boost of a certain type ends (Tavern, Farms or Blacksmith), an alarm is triggered.
  • In the Friends list, you can now see the online/offline status of friends.
  • Facebook posts have been improved when posting and sharing from the mobile app.
  • Following a suggestion of MasterE we’ve changed the mailbox message received during war declaration so that it contains who started the war.
  • Additional buttons / links to Tutorial videos.
  • Various bug fixes and polishing.

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